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Welcome to the CPS 2 Roms section. We have quite a large collection of CPS2 roms for you to download. Thanks go out to mushindo for taking the time to upload these files to our server.
CPS2 is one of the most powerful arcade systems I've come across. The graphics and sound are really good, but the encryption which CAPCOM used in this system was really complicated, so there was no emulator for this system until recently, but now, as the old saying goes, if there is encryption, there's decryption, and so according to that age old axiom the folks up at CPS2SHOCK decrypted the games and people started working on emulators. Now, you can play all your favorite CPS2 games on PC thanks to these people. You can grab the decryption XOR's from CPS2SHOCK (thought most of the roms already have been decrypted..) or read our FAQ in the Help section(under Xtras)which will give you an indepth walkthrough on how to use the emulator and roms together. Enjoy these games which we've put up for you, they're worth the download! And please support the site by visiting our sponsors and voting for us. Thank you for visiting

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