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Mirrors for PSX Demos
Posted by MasJ @ Thu, 23 Jun 2011 | Message Boards

A few days ago one of our users complained that our Playstation Demo downloads were slow. This was because we didn't have any megaupload/multiupload alternatives to these links. I've added Megaupload & Multiupload mirrors to all our Playstation Demo ISOs. You should be able to grab your files now, one way or another! Enjoy!

We are now emuparadise.me
Posted by MasJ @ Mon, 20 Jun 2011 | Message Boards

So after 11 years of being emuparadise.org we decided to switch to emuparadise.me as our new home. A lot of you must be wondering why..

The simple reason for this is because we think it's hip =D So there you have it. Everything should work exactly as it did before. The old .org domain will always redirect to the new one so there should be no issues with that.

Do please leave a comment at this news post if you face any issues using the site. Have fun with the new emuparadise.me, it surely doesn't affect you all that much =)

+1 Us!
Posted by MasJ @ Mon, 20 Jun 2011 | Message Boards

Some of you might have noticed that +1 button that now shows up on our top bar. It's a new feature that Google has launched which allows you to 'like' sites and tell your Google contacts (as well as the google search engine..) that this site is awesome.

Why am I telling you this ? So that you click it : ) The 'likes' apply to each page on this site so if you like a certain page, make sure you give that icon some LOVE. It's just a little click and it's really easy!

We're working hard to ensure that you have the best possible experience while using this site (trimming down ads, adding navigation improvements, and more!). Here's to hoping that you +1 us in return! Thanks!

Forum Chat!
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 15 Jun 2011 | Message Boards

We now have an excellent chat system integrated into our forums. This allows registered users to get help easily. It looks and works pretty much like Facebook chat. Anyone can chat with any other registered user and we also have a general chat room which people can use to talk about anything they want.

So if you're a registered forum member head there and check out the awesome chat system! If you're not, then this is probably a great time to be part of a fast growing and exciting community!

Head to epforums.org and enjoy the true feeling of EPs awesome community!

9 new strategy guides
Posted by MasJ @ Tue, 14 Jun 2011 | Message Boards

Thanks to ilefys once more we have a number of new guide scans for you to download and enjoy! Here's what's been added:

- Hunted - The Demon's Forge Prima Official Guide
- L.A. Noire BradyGames Official DLC e-Guide, Vol.1
- PERSONA Enterbrain Official Perfect Guide
- PERSONA3: FES Enterbrain Official Perfect Guide
- REVIVE...~Sosei~ Softbank Perfect Guide
- Serial Experiments Lain OFFICIAL GUIDE
- The Morrowind Prophecies Game of the Year Edition - Bethesda Official Strategy Guide
- The Sims 3 World Adventures - Official eGuide
- Uncharted Waters 2 Super Guide Book

Some pretty great additions in there! Find them at our Strategy Guide Scans section.

Less ads for more fun!
Posted by MasJ @ Mon, 13 Jun 2011 | Message Boards

Some of our users complained that they were seeing too many pop-ups on the site recently (including some that had videos!). This was due to one of our ad codes malfunctioning.

We've removed the offending ad. This site will always be clean of video and audio ads since we understand how annoying those can get.

Furthermore, for those of you that didn't already know this, you can disable all pop-ups on emuparadise by sharing the site with your friends on facebook. If you click on the "Share on Facebook" icon on our download pages, we will thank you by disabling popups for you!

We want to create the best possible experience for you by balancing our costs as well as we can with the user experience. Our servers take up a lot of bandwidth and as a result cost quite a lot, this is why we have quite a few ads on the site. We'd like to keep this site free for as long as possible so please do support us and our sponsors if you can.

Lastly, thanks a lot for those who have supported us (by voting, donating, etc.) or our sponsors. We really appreciate it :)

Update: Embarrassingly enough, our "share on facebook to block pop-ups" functionality wasn't working earlier. I've fixed this now, so do please share any download page on facebook and get rid of those pesky pop-ups!

7 New Video Game Movies
Posted by MasJ @ Sun, 12 Jun 2011 | Message Boards

No better way to spend a Sunday than lazing around watching some great movies. Well, we've got just the right ingredients for you! I've just added 7 new video game movies to our movie download section. Here's a run-down of what's been added:

Art of Fighting (OVA)
Fatal Fury - The Motion Picture (1994)
Fatal Fury 2 - The New Battle
Psychic Force OAV - Episode 01
Psychic Force OAV - Episode 02
Samurai Shodown - Exiled Destiny (Dubbed)
Samurai Spirits 2 OVA - Episode 01
Samurai Spirits 2 OVA - Episode 02
Tekken - The Motion Picture (1997)

Definitely some great flicks worth watching. Find and 50+ Video Game related movies for download only at emuparadise.

Navigation Improvements
Posted by MasJ @ Sat, 04 Jun 2011 | Message Boards

I spent almost all day yesterday designing and implementing the new navigation bar at the top of every page. I hope it helps out visitors who get lost in our left side navigation menu. We have so many sections that it's sometimes hard for users to find what they're looking for. Well, here's to making it a whole lot easier with our new nav bar.

The nav bar is written entirely in CSS (no javascript used) and works in all major browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari). It loads very fast compared to our previous nav bar (the old one used javascript/jquery) and is immediately available on every page even before the page is done loading. It's a multi-level navigation menu so you can quickly jump between many different sections.

I'll be adding many more incremental design/UI improvements to the site in the coming days so do stay tuned for those. Also, more great content updates to follow as always!

Fatal Fury and Street Fighter Alpha - Movies
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 01 Jun 2011 | Message Boards

After a long while I've got some updates for our Movies section. For those of you that didn't know this, we do carry a small but great selection of video game related movies and documentaries on the site.

Today, i've added the Fatal Fury (1992) and Street Fighter Alpha (1999) movies to our collection. Grab them at our Video Game Movies and Documentaries section.

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