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Final Fantasy X-2, XI, & XII Original Soundtracks
Posted by MasJ @ Sun, 28 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

Following up with yesterday's Final Fantasy additions, I've added some more High Quality FLAC soundtracks. Today we have:

Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack [2 Discs]
Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack [2 Discs]
Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack [4 Discs]

You can find all this and more at our High Quality Video Game Soundtracks Section.

Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, & X FLAC Soundtracks
Posted by MasJ @ Sat, 27 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

Everyone who knows anything about gaming has at one time or the other heard of how great the music in the Final Fantasy Series tends to be. Well, some of the best music for the Final Fantasy series was definitely during the times of the Sony Playstation (and some on Playstation 2). I've just added the following soundtracks to our High Quality Video Game Soundtracks section:

Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack [4 Discs]
Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack [4 Discs]
Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack [4 Discs]
Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack [4 Discs]

Each of these soundtracks weigh in at 1.5GB since they're pretty high quality FLAC files. Well, this is a collection that no Final Fantasy fan should miss. We've got all these and more at our new high quality section. So check them out right away! :]

-> High Quality [FLAC/CD-Audio/320Kbps+ MP3] Video Game Soundtracks Section

Nintendo DS #3923
Posted by MasJ @ Sat, 27 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

We've got another few Nintendo DS titles coming out this weekend. Here's what's been added:


You can find all these and more at our New Releases Section. Don't forget to check out our new sections which have been added today (details in the post below this one..). Lots of exciting stuff happening at emuparadise this summer. Keep coming back for more =)

-> Nintendo DS Roms - Latest Releases

Forum uploads integrated - 1000's of additions!
Posted by MasJ @ Sat, 27 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

I've been meaning to do this for a long long while. We have a great community over at epforums.org. There are members over there who dedicate their time everyday to upload titles to services such as Rapidshare/Megaupload/etc. so that other members can download some great content. Then, there are our dedicated moderators who index all these uploads creating what we like to call "Master Lists" for each section which index the games that have been uploaded. What I've done today is integrated all the Master Lists into the main emuparadise.org website. What this means for you is that when you browse our download sections for Sony Playstation ISOs, Sega Saturn ISOs, Sega Dreamcast ISOs and others you'll be presented with a list of community uploaded titles besides the usual ones that we have hosted here at emuparadise. Apart from that, we also have some brand new sections based off the Master Lists since users on our forums are allowed to share titles for these platforms, here's what we have available for you:

  • Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Games
  • Microsoft XBox ISOs
  • Nintendo Gamecube ISOs
  • Sony Playstation II ISOs
  • Sony Playstation Portable ISOs
  • Miscellaneous Uploads (Multiple Systems)

I hope you enjoy the new sections and do contribute as well to our growing community. Please note that you need to be registered at the forums to download these titles. As always, emuparadise.org requires no registrations for downloads hosted on the main website. We like to keep it simple ;)

You can see a listing of all these new sections at our ROMS/ISOs Section.

Nintendo DS #3916
Posted by MasJ @ Fri, 26 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

It's been a while since my last Nintendo DS Update. Mainly because I've been busy doing other things in and around the site. So finally, we have for you a rather large update bringing up our collection to #3916:


There is a new Guitar Hero, a Transformers title and then some more. By the way, I heard the new Transformers movie is pretty awesome. Any of you seen it yet ?

More updates to come soon, until then, check out our New Releases Section.

-> Nintendo DS Roms

Bandai Wonderswan & Wonderswan Color Roms Added
Posted by MasJ @ Fri, 26 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

I was going through our archives and suddenly realised that we used to carry Wonderswan titles back in the day. Whatever became of that section ? Well, I don't have the answer to that but I've added two new sections today for the Wonderswan and Wonderswan Color. Also, there were some broken links in the Neo Geo Pocket Color Roms section and this too has been updated with fully working links for all titles.

Did you notice that you can now follow us on twitter ? What does this mean for you ?
Well, to break it down, by following us you can:

  • Get to know about updates and cool new features, stuff that isn't even posted here. Did you know that I just added 2GB of RAM to our main server to make your browsing experience smoother ? You would if you were following us on twitter. You'd also know that there is a big Nintendo DS Roms update coming up in the next few hours.. and much more!
  • Participate in debates/discussions related to gaming, emulation, old stuff, the things we love.
  • Make requests & give suggestions for improving emuparadise. We really do take you, our visitors seriously, and want to do everything to improve your experience.
  • Have one on one conversations with admins and other users and maybe even get to participate in upcoming projects as say the new EP gaming music radio channel. *hint hint*

So what are you waiting for ? Follow us on Twitter and get hooked!

Oh, and for the new updates, check out our Roms Section : )

Did someone say Xenogears Creid ?
Posted by MasJ @ Thu, 25 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

After the addition of the Xenogears soundtrack yesterday, a number of users requested that we add Xenogears Creid to our collection as well. Well, as of today, we do have all 295MB of Xenogears Creid available for you to download in high quality FLAC. Xenogears Creid was an additional album titled "Yasunori Mitsuda & Millennial Fair - Xenogears Creid". It's sort of a re-arrangement of the best tracks from Xenogears and Yasunori Mitsuda has done a brilliant job! Some of the songs are so atmospheric and dreamy that you'll forget that this compilation comes originally from a video game. Check it out, you will NOT be disappointed.

-> Yasunori Mitsuda & Millennial Fair - Xenogears Creid

Follow us on twitter!
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 24 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

I'm always up-to something with the website. There are always subtle changes happening, new additions taking place that you don't hear about in the main news because they aren't significant enough to mention. At the same time, sometimes you just want to know what's coming up and going to happen soon on emuparadise. Well, for all this and much, much more, follow us on twitter!

Primary Hard Drive Crash on PSX Server
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 24 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

Bad news. Yesterday, one our our servers suffered a primary hard disk failure with complete loss of data. This server basically carried our PSX ISO Section (A through M). I'm working on recovering the data as of now and most of the sections are back online. What is left are the PSX ISO's beginning with B, H, I & M. These sections will be back online as I finish uploading their data, so do please keep checking back.

The BT Tracker also crashed and I had to re-instate a month old backup. Minor setback, but we shall march onwards =)

Xenogears & Front Mission 3 FLAC Soundtracks
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 24 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

I've added the Xenogears [Disc 1 & Disc 2] and Front Mission 3 [Disc 1 & Disc 2] soundtracks to our high quality soundtracks section. The Xenogears soundtrack weighs in at slightly over 800MB and the Front Mission 3 soundtrack is around 930MB in size! That's some serious lossless encoding! Both games have excellent music. Check them out at our high quality game soundtracks section.

-> Xenogears (1998) - Yasunori Mitsuda (FLAC)
-> Front Mission 3 (1999) - Koji Hayama and Hayato Matsuo (FLAC)

GBA Numbered Set, Soundtracks reach #893
Posted by MasJ @ Mon, 22 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

Some of our users requested a GBA fullset which reflects our numbered titles available on the website. Well, I've added the following packs to our Complete Rom Sets Section:

Gameboy Advance Roms 0001 to 0500 (By Number)
Gameboy Advance Roms 0501 to 1000 (By Number)
Gameboy Advance Roms 1001 to 1500 (By Number)
Gameboy Advance Roms 1501 to 2000 (By Number)
Gameboy Advance Roms 2001 to 2810 (By Number)

This entire set is over 13GB in size but each part varies from 1.5-3GB or so. You'll find lists for what is contained within each set on the download pages. This is ideal for those visitors who are trying to complete their collections. You can find all this and more at our Complete Rom Sets Section.

On another note, I've written a PHP function to parse our forum master lists for all the game soundtracks that our users have uploaded. Now, you will find, in our soundtracks section a comprehensive, updated list of what we have available for you. I've also added a nifty little footer which tells you the total number of available soundtracks, this is currently at 893! You can find all this great music and more at our Game Soundtracks Section.

-> Complete ROM Sets Section
-> Video Game Soundtracks Section

1000+ Playstation 2 ISOs!
Posted by Cookie Monster @ Sat, 20 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

Yeah, you read it right, we are glad to announce that thanks to our forum members (thanks a bunch to all of you!) who keep uploading their favorite PS2 games to our forums, we've reached that milestone number, more than 1000 Playstation 2 games available at our PS2 section!

This incredible collection includes NTSC-U/J and PAL releases of all the most popular franchises launched for the best selling console to date, Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, Castlevania, Grand Theft Auto, Guitar Hero, Resident Evil, Persona, Soul Calibur, Tekken... and the list could go on and on, way too many to mention them all, we have the best for every genre and a lot of rarities too :D

And the best part is that we accept requests ;) Is there a game you'd like to see uploaded?, easy, just go to the Request area and post there your request. And if you have any game that we are missing feel free to share it with our community, it will be really appreciated!

And, as always, all of this for free. Register your account at our forums, it's very easy and free, and you'll have access to all the games available.

Nintendo DS (100) Packs Added!
Posted by MasJ @ Thu, 18 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

Like promised earlier I've added the first ONE THOUSAND Nintendo DS releases as packs of 100 to our Complete ROM Sets Section. What this means is that our visitors can now download Nintendo DS Roms in packs of 100, this is far more convenient than say downloading each ROM individually. I've added the following ten packs and more are soon to come:

Nintendo DS Roms 0001 - 0100
Nintendo DS Roms 0101 - 0200
Nintendo DS Roms 0201 - 0300
Nintendo DS Roms 0301 - 0400
Nintendo DS Roms 0401 - 0500
Nintendo DS Roms 0501 - 0600
Nintendo DS Roms 0601 - 0700
Nintendo DS Roms 0701 - 0800
Nintendo DS Roms 0801 - 0900
Nintendo DS Roms 0901 - 1000

Also, I took some time out yesterday to add information for each set that we have in the Complete ROM Sets Section. Now, on the page for each set, you'll be shown a description of what files are present in that set. More Nintendo DS packs to come as the next week progresses. Keep your eyes here for more information. Until then, enjoy the new additions!

-> Complete ROM Sets Section

Nintendo DS #3877
Posted by MasJ @ Thu, 18 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

Another weekend coming up and this time we have a new Nintendo DS update for you :]. Here's what's been added:


Got a new Ghost Busters game. I'm guessing that should be good. I'm also going to be adding some Nintendo DS packs to the site soon [in the complete sets section..], so watch out for that, this weekend!

-> Nintendo DS Roms - New Releases

Guilty Gear Soundtracks Box Set [FLAC] Added
Posted by MasJ @ Thu, 18 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

Like I mentioned in the update from yesterday, I've added the Guilty Gear Soundtracks Box Set to our High Quality Soundtracks Section. This box features a whopping 3.2GB of tracks in FLAC and has the following discs:

Disc 1 - Guilty Gear
Disc 2 - Guilty Gear X
Disc 3 - Guilty Gear X
Disc 4 - Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks
Disc 5 - Guilty Gear XX
Disc 6 - Guilty Gear XX
Disc 7 - Guilty Gear Isuka
Disc 8 - Guilty Gear Arrange Tracks Plus

You'll find Disc 2 & Disc 3 on the page for Guilty Gear X and Disc 5 & Disc 6 on the page for Guilty Gear XX. The Guilty Gear series do indeed have some of the best heavy rock/metal video game music. Definitely worth checking out, and at these bitrates, who wouldn't want to ? :D

-> Guilty Gear [Disc 1]
-> Guilty Gear X [Disc 2 & 3]
-> Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks [Disc 4]
-> Guilty Gear XX [Disc 5 & 6]
-> Guilty Gear Isuka [Disc 7]
-> Guilty Gear Arrange Tracks Plus [Disc 8]

Save Crimson Echoes Petition
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 17 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

Just in case you missed the news earlier, Crimson Echoes is a project that was scrapped due to a C&D letter from Square-Enix. The game was supposed to be a sequel to Chrono Trigger in the true sense [because we all know Chrono Cross wasn't ;)]. At 98% completion and shortly before the date of release the team received a Cease & Desist letter from Square-Enix and thus had to scrap the project. The folks at savecrimsonechoes.com are trying to get together a petition so that Square Enix allows the release of this fan project. To be honest, I doubt that it'll work since Square-Enix and other big corporations are pretty stubborn on these kind of things. However, you can show YOUR SUPPORT by signing the petition here.

About Crimson Echoes [from savecrimsonechoes.com]:
Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes was a fan project modification of the Chrono Trigger ROM begun in late 2004. Development continued thanks to a dedicated group of fans through 2009. By May 2009, the game featured ~35 hours of game play, 10 multiple endings, and 23 chapters, much like the original Chrono Trigger; it was around 98% complete. The plot featured the original cast as they struggled against a new villain risen from the legacy of Zeal.

Support the cause!

-> Sign the Petition

Devil May Cry High Quality Soundtracks
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 17 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

Today, I've added a collection of soundtracks from none other than the Devil May Cry series. These titles are known to have some of the best music in video games today. I wasn't able to find a High Quality version of the Devil May Cry 2 soundtrack. If any of you have CD's for that and are willing to rip/upload them, do please get in touch with me. So far, here's what's been added:

Devil May Cry OST [FLAC]
Devil May Cry 3 OST [FLAC]
Devil May Cry 4 OST [320kbps, LAME Mp3]

You can find all this and more at our High Quality Soundtracks Section. Next Update: Guilty Gear Soundtracks.

-> Devil May Cry OST [FLAC]
-> Devil May Cry 3 OST [FLAC]
-> Devil May Cry 4 OST [320Kbps, LAME Mp3]
-> High Quality Game Soundtracks Section

Gameboy Advance & MAME Fullset Added!
Posted by MasJ @ Tue, 16 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

Like I promised earlier, we have for you today the Gameboy Advance and MAME Fullset. The Gameboy Advance set is version 3.14 [contains 34000+ images]. The MAME set that we have available for you is 0.129. Granted that the current MAME set is 0.132 but we're still with 0.129 on the website so we're mirroring that for the fullset as well. Besides, there aren't THAT many differences between 0.129 and 0.132, and it's trivial to update from one to the other. More on that later : )

For now, you can get 7GB of Gameboy Advance Goodness (in 2.0GB chunks) and a whopping, wait for it, 18GB of MAME roms in 9 (2GB) chunks. Should make snagging all those files a piece of cake, no ? (Imagine downloading 7000+ MAME Roms individually..)

Find all this and more at our Complete Rom Sets Section.

Complete Rom Sets (Full Sets in One File) Section
Posted by MasJ @ Mon, 15 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

I've just started a brand new section here on emuparadise for those of you who are looking to download full rom sets in just one big file. Many users I believe, would prefer to download entire rom sets instead of sifting through a multitude of files on emuparadise. This is now possible with our new Complete Rom Sets (Full Sets in One File) Section. I've already added a few collections to this section (including a 5GB behemoth of Nintendo 64 Roms), and soon you shall find GBA, Nintendo DS and MAME packs here as well! Here's what's been added:

Amstrad CPC (GoodCPC v2.02)
Atari 2600 (Good2600 v1.00)
Atari 5200 (Good5200 v2.01)
Atari 7800 (Good7800 v2.04)
Atari Jaguar (GoodJag v2.01)
Atari Lynx (GoodLynx v2.01)
Bandai WonderSwan (GoodWSx v2.01)
Channel F (GoodChaF v2.01)
Colecovision (GoodCol v2.01)
Commodore 64 PSID Music Images (GoodPSID v0.999.4)
Gameboy + Gameboy Color (GoodGBX 2.02)
General Computer Vectrex (GoodVect v1.06)
Mattel Intellivision (GoodINTV v2.03)
Memotech MTX (GoodMTX v1.02)
Miles Gordon Sam Coupe (GoodSamC v2.03)
NEC PC-Engine [TurboGrafx-16] (GoodPCE v1.09a)
Nintendo 64 (GoodN64v3.14) Part 01
Nintendo 64 (GoodN64v3.14) Part 02
Nintendo 64 (GoodN64v3.14) Part 03
Nintendo 64 (GoodN64v3.14) Part 04
Nintendo 64 (GoodN64v3.14) Part 05
Nintendo Entertainment System (GoodNES v2.01)
Nintendo Virtual Boy (GoodVBoy v2.01)
Sega Game Gear (GoodGG v2.01)
Sega Genesis - Megadrive - 32X (GoodGen 3.00)
Sega Master System (GoodSMS 2.01)
SFC-SNES SPC Music Images (GoodSPC v2.01)
SNK NeoGeo Pocket (GoodNGPx v2.01)
Spectravideo MSX (GoodMSX1 v0.999.3)
Spectravideo MSX 2 (GoodMSX2 v0.999.3)
Super Nintendo - Famicom (GoodSNES 2.04)
Tandy Color Computer (GoodCoCo v0.999.5)
Tangerine Oric (GoodOric v2.01)
Thomson MO5 (GoodMO5 v1.00)
Watara SuperVision (GoodSV v2.01)

Please note that I've split the Nintendo 64 Set into 5 parts since I think a 5GB file may cause inconsistencies for many downloaders. I'm sure 5x1GB is still far more convenient than, say, 1x3044 titles ;)

We also do have a classic Goodsets section with some older sets. That is being kept online as well since some users might prefer the smaller SNES USA Set packs that we have available over there. Stay tuned for more to come, in the meanwhile, check out these spankin' new sets!

-> Complete Rom Sets (Full Sets in One File)

Chrono Cross [FLAC] Soundtrack Added!
Posted by MasJ @ Mon, 15 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

I've added the Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack in FLAC format to our High Quality Game Soundtracks Section. The soundtrack spans 3 discs and is a whopping 934MB in all. Great tracks such as Dancing the Tokage, Time's Scar, Dream of the Shore of Another World, and more! Personally, this is one of my favorite game soundtracks composed by the likes of Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu. Check it out!

-> Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack [High Quality FLAC]
-> High Quality Game Soundtracks Section

Nintendo DS #3864
Posted by MasJ @ Sun, 14 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

Sunday's here again and well, it's time to add some more Nintendo DS Roms. These titles just keep rolling in! Here's what's been added:


MySims Racing, Drama Queens and more. On a retro-related note, I've fixed some errors with our ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 sections, apparently some roms had not indexed properly when I had added them earlier this week. It's all good now. I'm also thinking of adding an RSS Feed for our Nintendo DS/Other Releases to make it easier for our visitors to get updated on what's happening at emuparadise. I wonder how popular this will be ?

-> Nintendo DS Roms

High Quality [FLAC] Soundtrack Section!
Posted by MasJ @ Sun, 14 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

When we started our Gaming Music section back in 2001, there never used to be many sites around with Game Soundtracks available for download. This remains the same more or less even though there are many more sites now with game soundtracks available [but we've seen many sites come and go...]. However, I was recently looking for some high quality game music [CD-Quality] and couldn't find much out there. And thus came to me the idea of creating a section here on emuparadise with High Quality lossless gaming music. Today, I'm ready to kick start our new High Quality gaming music section and for this, I've added a huge number of soundtracks for you to grab. Here's what's we have available (in FLAC Format):

Chrono Trigger OSV
Metal Gear Solid
MG - MG2 SolidSnake - Red Disc
MGS2 - Sons of Liberty
MGS2 - Sons of Liberty (US Re-Print)
MGS2 - The Other Side
MGS3 - The First Bite
MGS3 - 'Snake Eater Song'
MGS3 - Snake Eater
MGS - Portable Ops
MG 20th Anniversary
MGS4 - Guns of the Patriots
MGS4 - Limited Edition

There you go, 14 High Quality soundtracks in FLAC format for you to download. Now, you have the freedom to choose whether you want to keep these as FLAC, write them back to an audio-CD with no loss in quality or transcode them to any bitrate that you prefer!

Check out these and more to come [very very soon!] at our High Quality Game Soundtracks section!

-> High Quality Game Soundtracks

Bratz - The Movie & Pixeline I Pixeland Added!
Posted by MasJ @ Sat, 13 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

According to the pocketheaven release dats we were missing two GBA Roms, #2809 and #2810 from our GBA Roms Section. I've added in these two titles so that completes our set as of today. You can now find both the titles in our alphabetised as well as numerically sorted GBA Roms Section. These are the two titles:

2809 - Bratz - The Movie (E)(Sir VG).zip
2810 - Pixeline I Pixieland (D)(Independent).zip

Get them at our GBA Roms Section!

Nintendo DS #3854
Posted by MasJ @ Fri, 12 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

Here we go! Another Friday and some more Nintendo DS titles out for you to download. Here's what's been added:


We've got some Lego Battles, a new Indiana Jones and then some more. More updates to come over the weekend so watch out for that. Now that I'm on summer vacation from Uni, I've got plenty of time to mess around here. Until then, check out the New Nintendo DS Rom additions.

-> Nintendo DS Roms (New Releases)

Commodore 64 & ZX Spectrum
Posted by MasJ @ Thu, 11 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

I've added a HUGE amount of Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum titles today. For those of you who weren't around back in the day, these were two of the most popular home computers in the early 1980's and had a huge amount of games come out for them. Infact, they were mostly responsible for showing the world that gaming was an industry with some serious potential! Today, I've added roms from the Commodore 64 Preservation Project [these are basically floppy disk images..] and dumps of Commodore 64 tapes. For ZX Spectrum, I've added all the Games which are available for the ZX Spectrum Z80 and a huge collection of ZX Spectrum Tapes. Together, all these titles amount to over 15,000 images.

I'm also planning on adding some emulators as well as the ability to play these titles online right here in your browser windows. Watch out for that, and more to come soon. Until then, do check out our ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 sections!

-> Commodore 64 Preservation Project
-> Commodore 64 Tape Archive
-> ZX Spectrum Z80 Games
-> ZX Spectrum Game Tapes

Nintendo DS #3845
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 10 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

Mid-week Nintendo DS update. I know, I know, it's been awhile and our visitors have been waiting to update their DS sets. Well, here you go with some brand new titles:


You can grab these new titles at our New Releases Section. We've got all the Nintendo DS titles out so far indexed in there so be sure to check it out if you're looking for something specific!

-> Nintendo DS Roms

Nintendo 64 Manuals, Previews Added!
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 10 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

I've just added 63 PDF Manuals for our Nintendo 64 Roms. Now, on most pages for US Nintendo 64 releases you'll find that you can download a 7-zipped PDF version of the game manual. Aside from this, 296 preview movies have been added for US N64 Roms. These movies are originally in AVI or PNG format and you'll find that they've been 7-zipped so that you can conveniently download them for use with your front-ends. More updates coming soon! Check out our Nintendo 64 Roms Section, we have every title!

-> Nintendo 64 Roms

Nintendo DS Alphabetised, GBA Extras added!
Posted by MasJ @ Mon, 08 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

Many of our visitors suggested that we alphabetize the Nintendo DS titles and make them searchable with our new search function. This is kind of difficult because Nintendo DS titles are releasing every day of the week and it's hard to continuously add and index them all the time. Thus, I've come up with a solution where you can find the LATEST titles in our New Releases Section and titles upto the latest hundred in the main roms section. What this means for you is that you'll find titles upto #3800 in our Roms Section and later titles in our New Releases. Once, #3901 is out, the main section will be updated to reflect the new additions.

Apart from this, I've also added High Quality Box Scans of Nintendo DS titles upto #1200. I'm still looking for more scans since these are hard to come by indexed in the right order for us [we follow the Advancescene dats]. For the Gameboy Advance Roms, I've added Box Scans, Titles, Screenshots and NFO's for every game uptil #2769! The pages look pretty sweet with all this extra info included in them. Check 'em out right away!

-> Nintendo DS Roms (Sorted Alphabetically)
-> Gameboy Advance Roms (With all the pretty pictures)

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