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1389 PSX ISO's Added!
Posted by MasJ @ Thu, 29 Jan 2009 | Message Boards

Well, I've finally finished indexing the ENTIRE NTSC-US Playstation ISO set on emuparadise.org! This is awesome news for all our Playstation fans out there since you can now get any title ever released in the US right here for download! Though the number of actual games isn't 1389 (we're counting all the discs that are there for each game as well..) you get the picture. Do please help this index grow by adding descriptions for your favorite titles. We regularly moderate descriptions so that your hard work shows up on the site asap.

The number of titles added is too large to mention here. However, big thanks go out to Underground-Gamer.com for helping me snag these titles at light-speed. You can now grab all of these titles from emuparadise.org anytime that you like.

Enjoy the new additions, I hope this brings many hours of pleasurable gaming to our visitors. Do keep coming back for more. Cheers! : )

-> Playstation ISO Download Section

MAME 0.129 - 7443 titles added!
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 21 Jan 2009 | Message Boards

It makes me really happy today to announce that we've finally started our MAME section. This section contains the entire MAME 0.129 Set of 7443 titles (CHD's coming soon..). The MAME Section also features Game Title screens, Screenshots, Cabinets, Flyers, Marquees, Manuals, Artwork, and more. (basically, all the extras for MAME 0.129) Enough goodies to please ANY MAME fan out there, I'm sure. :]

So for those of you who're into arcade titles, you should definitely check out our EXTENSIVE Mame Roms collection.

-> M.A.M.E. Roms Section

SNES & Sega Genesis Updated: 17000+ titles added!
Posted by MasJ @ Tue, 20 Jan 2009 | Message Boards

Our SNES & Sega Genesis Sections have been lying around for a very long time. In view of this, I decided to update these sections bringing them up to their complete sets. Over 17,000 new titles are now available since each ROM is neatly 7-zipped into an archive which contains the US/EU/JAP releases of the same title.

The new Super Nintendo Entertainment System Roms section has an entire 1861 files in 7-zipped archives. The number of titles is 11,337, that's a pretty big number. The Sega Genesis/MegaDrive/32x section saw an addition of 1071 files which in the same way contain the US/EU/JAP releases for each game totalling a whopping 5,871 roms.

We don't have any descriptions written in our database for these new titles. That's where our visitors (you) come in, since you've probably played the games you're downloading, please do take a moment to write in brief descriptions for your downloads and submit them on the game page. We'll approve them and they'll become public so that other folks who happen upon those game pages will know what these lovely old titles are all about! This helps make EP a more complete Emulation Resource and helps keep these retro-games alive!

Also, a big THANK YOU to those folks who've been posting descriptions for the Sega Dreamcast/Saturn and Sony Playstation sections. I really appreciate the time you've given and I'm sure our other visitors appreciate your efforts as well!

-> Super Nintendo Entertainment System ROMS Section
-> Sega Genesis/MegaDrive/32x ROMS Section

Nintendo DS #3278
Posted by MasJ @ Sat, 17 Jan 2009 | Message Boards

Well, some more shitty titles for the Nintendo DS ready for your mindless consumption. *ugh* Who else thinks that the Nintendo DS is getting a ton of crap coming out for it lately ? I mean seriously, Hotel for Dogs ? I do believe that the Nintendo DS has come out with a range of good titles but when will developers take a moment to think that "Catch the dung beetle" is not a good idea for a game ? Oh wait, that actually might be better than most titles that have been coming out for the DS of late. Here we go:


If your dog needs a hotel, you know where to go!

-> NDS New Releases Section

Amiga Section: 2549 titles added!
Posted by MasJ @ Thu, 15 Jan 2009 | Message Boards

In the true spirit of preservation I've added a new section to Emuparadise. Using GameBase Amiga's rather large repository of Amiga screenshots, boxscans, instructions manuals, cheat databases & music, I've compiled a section of 2549 Amiga titles with all of this information included! (those pages look really pretty :D)

Ofcourse, it'd be crazy to list all the games that have been added. Most, if not all Amiga titles are in there so for those of you who played these wonderful titles while growing up, this would be an opportune moment to re-visit those times.

You'll need the WinUAE emulator to play these games. If you'd like to do it in style, do consider checking out GameBase Amiga for a full featured front-end.

-> Amiga Roms Section

Emuparadise.org Community Uploads - 2000+ titles!
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 14 Jan 2009 | Message Boards

I'm happy to announce that we have finally integrated our community and main website with each other. Presenting to you, the Emuparadise.org/Epforums.org Community Uploads Section!

Here's how it works:
Thousands of forum users contribute to the community by uploading roms/isos's/gaming music to various public hosting services (rapidshare, megaupload, etc. etc.). These links are indexed on our forum and maintained by the community. Now our visitors can access this enormous database of file uploads by visiting the Community Uploads Section. (Or, by clicking ROM/ISO Uploads under Community on the left navigation menu)

Unregistered visitors can access the LATEST uploads in every category and get a view of the most popular downloads in this section. By registering (for FREE!) at our forums, you can gain access to over 2000 titles uploaded by our very own community.

Once registered, you can also upload titles and post them on the forums, the stuff that you post will get featured in the Community Uploads Section and become instantly available to thousands of viewers. Why does this rock ? Well, traditionally, you might make a torrent and then upload it but now, you gain RECOGNITION and also gain a chance to win tons of prizes (we're going to be having contests for uploads, stay tuned for more)! Plus, this makes it EASIER to give back to the community by helping those folks who are as yet unfamiliar with how to use torrents, etc.

So what're you waiting for ? Check out the Community Uploads Section right away!

Bandwidth Upgraded to 200Mbps!
Posted by MasJ @ Tue, 13 Jan 2009 | Message Boards

Well, like promised before, I've upgraded our bandwidth to 200Mbps, that means it's effectively doubled. Since the Playstation ISO's are the most sought after files on Emuparadise, I've allocated 100Mbps to them so that our visitors can grab them at stellar speeds.

This move frees up bandwidth for our other files too, thus, it should be smooth sailing with our Gameboy Advance Roms and Nintendo DS Roms as well!

Nintendo DS #3264
Posted by MasJ @ Mon, 12 Jan 2009 | Message Boards

Some more Nintendo DS titles added. This time I've added the following to our ever growing collection of Nintendo DS Roms.


A bunch of good titles worth checking out, Game & Watch, Metal Slug and Prince of Persia. Hope you enjoy the new stuff and keep coming back for more!

-> New Releases Section

Bandwidth Limitations..
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 07 Jan 2009 | Message Boards

Most of our visitors must have noticed that instead of a US and EU mirror for our files, we're now serving files using only one server [the EU one..]. The reason for this is that the company our US server was hosted with [Alphared] has gone out of business and thus our US server has abruptly been shut down.

I'm looking for new hosting options. If you, or anyone you know can provide us a server anywhere [preferably the US or Europe] with about 200-300Mbps of bandwidth, I'd like to discuss options. If any of our Scandinavian visitors would be able to host stuff at home, we could make some kind of mutually beneficial arrangement. Please bear in mind that since we're not a paid service, our affordability criteria isn't very high.

Either way, we'll be expanding bandwidth shortly, once I find a reliable and affordable solution, that is. If you can hook us up, please give me a shout at masj@emuparadise.org.

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