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Video Game Sheet Music
Posted by MasJ @ Fri, 30 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

For all the budding musicians out there who've always wanted to play instrumentals to their favourite video game tunes, today I've started a brand new Sheet Music Section. You'll find that this section is full of good stuff in PDF and other formats. We've got music sheets for 20 games so far (mind you, these are only partial collections) and will be adding more through the next few weeks. So if you want to rock the next party with some uber cool live video game music, check out our Sheet Music Section.

New Strategy Guide Scans
Posted by MasJ @ Thu, 29 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

Thanks to our mate ilefys, we've got a bunch of brand new Strategy Guide Scans. Seven new guides to help you with those tough new games. Check 'em out by clicking the images below:

For more Game Guides and Strategy Books, check out our Game Guides Section.

Maniac Mansion - The Love Collection
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 28 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

Do you remember the Maniac Mansion series ? Well, there's an extremely rare TV-Show called Maniac Mansion which is an adaptation of the game series. I've just added two episodes from the Maniac Mansion series to our TV-Shows Section. Grab them right away! : )

Nintendo DS #4885 & 3 DS Packs
Posted by MasJ @ Tue, 27 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

I've just updated our New Releases Section with NDS ROM #4885. Here are the two new additions:


Other than that, I've also added three new packs of Nintendo DS ROMs to our Complete ROMs Section.

Nintendo DS 4501 - 4600 - 2.4GB
Nintendo DS 4601 - 4700 - 2.9GB
Nintendo DS 4701 - 4800 - 3.7GB

So you can now download these sets of 100 in one big file each : ) Check out our Complete ROM Sets Section for the packs and the New Releases Section for the latest NDS ROMs.

Nintendo DS #4883
Posted by MasJ @ Sat, 24 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

The weekend brings in another Nintendo DS update. Here's what we have for you:


Quite a few new releases in there. You can play these games on your DS by using a flash cart. We're giving away three Acekard 2i's thanks to kickgaming.com and today's the last day for entering our contest. Check out the details above! For now, grab your Nintendo DS update from our Nintendo DS Roms New Releases Section.

1GBps servers for the win!
Posted by MasJ @ Fri, 23 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

I've just completed a massive server move for our files. We've moved to a data center with over 100GBps of available network bandwidth from multiple network providers. Plus, our server runs on a dedicated 1GBps line over there so all our users should be able to get good speeds! You should definitely see speed improvements with some of our downloads [US PSX ISOs, Sega CD ISOs, Neo-Geo CD ISOs, Sega Dreamcast ISOs, and more..!]. Thanks for making this possible folks, keep telling all your friends about emuparadise, we're getting better everyday!

Nintendo DS #4867
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 21 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

Well, we've got 4 new Nintendo DS titles for you. There's a new Japanese Mario Party game. Here's what else we have:


Check out the new additions at our Nintendo DS New Releases Section.

Retro Gamer Magazine Issues 1 - 30
Posted by MasJ @ Tue, 20 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

I've just added issues 1 to 30 of Retro Gamer Magazine to our Magazine Scans section in PDF format. Some more info on Retro Gamer Magazine:

Retro Gamer is a British magazine, published worldwide, covering retro video games. It was the first commercial magazine to be devoted entirely to the subject. Although launched (in January 2004) as a quarterly publication, Retro Gamer's soon became a monthly. In 2005, a general decline in gaming and computer magazine readership led to the closure of its publishers, Live Publishing, although the rights to the magazine were later purchased by Imagine Publishing.

Grab Retro Gamer Magazine Scans and tons more at our Gaming Magazine Scans Section.

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core 320Kbps MP3
Posted by MasJ @ Mon, 19 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

I've just added the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Soundtrack to our High Quality Soundtracks Section. This is a two disc OST featuring some AMAZING derivates of Final Fantasy VII music. Definitely worth listening to. Click on the cover image below to get to the soundtrack in High Quality MP3.

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core OST Cover

For over 125 high quality soundtracks and over 1100 MP3 soundtracks, check out our soundtracks section.

Pac-Man: The Animated Series
Posted by MasJ @ Mon, 19 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

I've just added Season 1, Season 2 and the Christmas Specials of Pac-Man: The Animated Series to our Video Game TV-Shows Section. Pac-Man aired from 1982 to 1984 and ran for two seasons. The first season had 24 episodes and the second season had 15 episodes. Apart from these, there was a Christmas special episode which has also been made available.

You can download the entire collection from our Video Game TV-Shows Download Section.

Official Console SDKs Section
Posted by MasJ @ Sun, 18 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

Well, it's time for something a little different this weekend. I've just added a new section containing official console SDKs for Sony, Sega, Nintendo, Atari, etc. systems. You can grab SDKs (Software Development Kits) for consoles ranging from the Nintendo GBC, Gamecube, N64 to the Sony Playstation 1, Sega Dreamcast and more. This section is aimed at helping game developers and enthusiasts keep their passions alive by enabling them to take a look at how things were done before as opposed to the modern platforms in use today. Folks can also use this section to develop new titles for these systems. Pretty nifty if you ask me and great to spend a weekend tinkering around with. Check out our new Video Game Console SDKs Section.

Nintendo Dream - 100 Pages of Zelda Art!
Posted by MasJ @ Sat, 17 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

I just found this and I have to say that it's one of the coolest Zelda art collections that I've ever seen. Being a big Zelda fan, I find that this is a gem for fans around the world! Nintendo Dream's Feb 2010 issue included a 100 page (yes, HUNDRED PAGE!) collection of Legend of Zelda artwork. Some really amazing stuff covering titles right from the start until the latest concept art for the next Zelda game on the Nintendo Wii. I've uploaded a scanned version for you to check out and download. Click on the cover image to grab this awesome collection!

Cover for Zelda 100 Page Artwork Book

For more great art books and game related books check out our Gaming Books Section.

Nintendo DS #4863
Posted by MasJ @ Sat, 17 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

Well, here's another Nintendo DS update for you. Today's additions are:


Don't forget to enter our contest to win 3 Acekard 2i's so that you can play all these titles on your Nintendo DS. All you have to do is create and submit an emuparadise wallpaper. Pretty simple! This awesome giveaway is sponsored by Kickgaming. [they carry some pretty cool DS accessories including flash carts!] For now, check out the new releases at our Nintendo DS New Releases Section.

Lunar Eternal Blue Soundtracks [FLAC]
Posted by MasJ @ Fri, 16 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

I've just added 5 brand new soundtracks from the hit RPG Lunar Eternal Blue to our High Quality Soundtracks Section. You can click the image below to grab the Lunar Eternal Blue soundtrack:

Lunar Eternal Blue OST Cover

To download the other soundtracks, check out our High Quality Video Game Soundtracks section or click the links below:
-> Lunar Eternal Blue Prelude
-> Lunar Eternal Blue Premium CD
-> Lunar Eternal Blue Lunatic Parade Vol. 1
-> Lunar Eternal Blue Lunatic Parade Vol. 2

Posted by Panda Man @ Fri, 16 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

Those of you who had problems accessing/logging in to the Community ROMs/ISOs pages should be able to access them with no problems. If you have any other issues, please let a staff member know by posting here or on the forums.

More Final Fantasy Soundtracks
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 14 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

I've added 4 new Final Fantasy Soundtracks in High Quality FLAC format to our Soundtracks Section. The new soundtracks added are:

Final Fantasy VIII - Eyes On Me (FLAC)
Final Fantasy The Spirits Within - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (FLAC)
Final Fantasy XI - Chains of Promathia OST (FLAC)
Final Fantasy V - Mambo de Chocobo (FLAC)

Definitely worth grabbing a few tracks from these amazing gems. Check 'em out at our High Quality Video Game Soundtracks Section.

Nintendo DS #4857
Posted by MasJ @ Tue, 13 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

I know, I know, we're missing some releases in the middle but they'll follow soon enough! After quite a while we've got a new Nintendo DS update our for you folks. Here's what's been added:


Well, that's quite a handful. For those of you who're into Nintendo DS ROMs we're running a pretty cool contest here at emuparadise. You can enter to win an Acekard 2i (infact we're giving away THREE of them)! All you have to do is design a wallpaper themed around video games and emuparadise in general, and the wallpaper must say emuparadise.org somewhere on it. The contest ends on the 25th of April and all the details you need are there on our main page (above where the news usually appears). Oh and you can use an Acekard 2i to play your ROMs on a real Nintendo DS, just like any other game. Pretty cool, huh! Well, check out our contest and to grab some Nintendo DS ROMs, head to our New Releases Section.

Nintendo Power Missing Issues
Posted by MasJ @ Thu, 08 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

Thanks to Petar30, we've finally managed to acquire some missing issues of Nintendo Power Magazine that weren't available on the site before. You can now check out the issues all the way up to #169 at our Magazine Scans Section. Enjoy!

HTTP Mirrors (Megaupload)
Posted by MasJ @ Tue, 06 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

You might have noticed already but this is for those that haven't seen this yet. We've started adding HTTP mirrors to all our popular ROM/ISO Sections. We're using Megaupload for this since it's really great for large files and allows most people to download at good speeds, plus, files last longer =)

You'll find that most of our Sony Playstation, DC, Saturn ISOs, and N64 ROMs, SNES ROMs, etc. will have Megaupload mirrors (URLs) available for them. Feel free to copy/paste these into your browsers and grab your downloads fast.

Check out our ROMs, ISOs and Games Download Section for some fast downloads! : )

Final Fantasy XI - Rise of the Zilart & FF Mix
Posted by MasJ @ Fri, 02 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

I've just added two new soundtracks in High Quality FLAC to our High Quality Video Game Soundtracks Section. The two albums are Final Fantasy XI - Rise of the Zilart OST and Final Fantasy Mix by Naoshi Mizuta and Nobuo Uematsu respectively. Very good soundtracks with some great music for you to listen to. Click on the covers below to head to their download pages! :)

FF XI Rise of the Zilart Cover ScanFF MIX OST Nobuo Uematsu Cover Scan - Front

Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon in 8-bit (:
Posted by MasJ @ Fri, 02 Apr 2010 | Message Boards

I'm sure many of you love the Pink Floyd album: Dark Side of the Moon. It's true that some of my all-time favorite tracks come from that album. Well, this dude called Brad Smith from Ontario (Canada ?) has re-made the entire album with NES 8-bit sounds. How cool is that ? I checked out some tracks such as Us And Them, Money, and a few more and they're really well done! Definitely worth checking out for both Floyd fans as well as Nintendo 8-bit fans around the world. Looks like the cold weather in Canada is good for something after all =D

Download the entire Dark Side of the Moon in 8-bit. (oddly in 192kbps MP3 :P) Also, check out the project homepage.

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