Full Documentation To WATCHTOWER! CREDITS Developed by CyberArts Ltd. Programming Robert Nordin Produced & Designed by Mika M.K Laamanen Graphics Kai Sainio Additional Graphics Mika M.K Laamanen Player Images Henrik Jarolf Music Dan Bjon Sound FX TNT Sount Factory Music Play Routine Jarno Paananen Front Cover Art Joni Stolt Manual Revision Emma Edis Manual Formatting Lisa Thompson Testing Mario Sarno German Translation Stephen Williams Mrs Taylor Italian Translation Mr Sarno Published by OTM Publications & Promotions Ltd. 11 Aldergate, Tamworth, Staffs, B79 7DL, UK Tel.:01827 312 302 Fax.:01827 67010 Email:OTM@OTMltd.demon.co.uk Pathway to the future... COPRYRIGHT AND WARRANTY This software product, including all graphics, program code, music and audio effects, documentation and associated product materials are a copyright of CyberArts Ltd.,(except the play routine, which is copyright of Jarno Paananen) (Now it says the usual crap about sending the game back if it don`t work) Well your not gonna send back a pirate copy now are you!? MAKE A BACK-UP COPY It is always advisable to make back-up copies of you original game disks to increase the life of the masters and guard against accidents. Watchtower disks are not copy protected. That is because we would like to give you the opportunity to make a back-up copy of your original disk set. Once you have made a back-up copy, store your original disks in a safe and dry place. Always use the back-up disks to play the game. Since there is no copy protection, you can install the game onto your hard disk for your convenience. Please do not misuse these possibilities. HARD DISK INSTALLATION The hard disk installation utility can be found on disk 1, simply run it and follow the on-screen instructions. PLEASE NOTE: running WatchTower from Workbench requires 2.5Mb. Watchtower will run from hard disk in just 2 Mb if you create a boot disk. THE STORY BEHIND THE LINES For the mercenary, war is just a job, a job with deadly consequences. Soldiers of fortune are today`s adventurers. They fight in the most dangerous places, the deepest jungles, the hottest deserts and war-torn cities from where only few return. Mercenaries not only do their job for money (blood bucks) but they also love adventure and the feel of danger. They are real professionals, they earn their pride in themselves and the respect of others but sometimes pay the ultimate price. Now you`re the best of all hitmen, a trianed killer.....you`re a professional mercenary, a soldier of fortune. You have learned to survive in the inhospitable jungles and deserts of foreign nations. The only person you trust is yourself and the only things you put your trust in are your guns and grenades. Warring factions from across the globe and even the Unites Nations are bidding for your services. There is anarchy everywhere. You have selected the most challenging missions and must now complee them. Now the job and danger is waiting.....Good Luck!...and don`t lose your head!! LOADING THE GAME Insert disk 1 into your boot drive and switch on the power. Insert disk 2 or 3 in any drive when prompted. Wait a while, load your guns and press fire! If you have installed WathcTower onto your hard disk, double click on the WatchTower icon and the game will start. TROUBLE SHOOTING Should the intro sequence and the title screen not appear within a minute, there may be a problem with your computer system. Turn off your computer and disconnect all external devices, such as printers and memory or accelerator cards. Check your computer connections, such as monitor or television cable and power cords. Check that the intructions as given in Chapter "Loading The game", have been correctly carried out. If you haven`t cleaned your disk drive for a while, it should be done using a cleaning disk. Repeat the loading procedure. If you are sure your computer is working correctly and other software loads successfully but your Amiga is still unable to load WatchTower then you may have a faulty disk. In this case you can obtain a free replacement from the publisher. For replacement read chapter "Copyright and Warranty". ERROR MESSAGES "AGA CHIPSET NOT FOUND" WatchTower is an AGA game and it requires and AGA machine. If you get the above error message during loading, your Amiga may not be an AGA machine, (i.e.A1200, A4000 or CD32) and therefore Watchtower will not work correctly on it. "OUT OF MEMORY ERROR" This message should not appear if you boot the game directly from disks. If you run it from your hard disk and the above message appears, you must reboot your Amiga to run the game without any background tasks, (i.e. close all other windows and programs before loading WatchTower). HOW TO BEAT THE PROTECTION Before the very first mission you will be asked to enter a verification code on your map and mission data computer. (FORTUNATELY HELLFIRE CRACKED THE GAME FOR YOU SO NO NEED FOR THIS SECTION!) Just select the arrow on the far right of screen on numeric keypad to enter game. SKILL LEVEL You are able to select the skill level before each new game, using your joystick. You can select the skill level from the following alternatives. The first is the easiest and the last is the most challenging. "EASY DOES IT?!" (easy) "DOUBLE TROUBLE" (moderate) "I NEED IT BAD!" (hard) HOW TO PLAY There are two ways to play the game, a one man war or a simultaneous two player mode. When playing alone, use a joystick connected to port 1 and press fire. For the simultaneous two player mode, press fire on the joystick connected to port 2. Remember that in a simultaneous two player mode there are no more extra pick-ups or extra weapons than in the one player mode. You will have to split everything with the other player. Press fire to fire your current weapon. Hold fire for continuous firing. Throw a grenade by holding the fire button and pushing the joystick quickly twice in the direction you wish to throw it. Alternatively, use L-ALT key to throw player 1`s grenades and R-ALT to throw player 2`s grenades. Press "SPACE" bar during the game to pause, fire to continue. Shoot barrels and boxes, pick up new weapons and other useful items. Neutralize enemies and go forward. The game area will scroll forward only when both players are on the upper part of the screen. Notice that some vehicles will stop the scroll until they are destroyed. Each mission has a time limit, so don`t delay too much. Remember that you also need enough time to beat the end of level guardians. Time Indicator I ------------------------- | | - Rank Indicator | | - Life Indicator | | - Grenade Indicator | Main Game Area | - Weapon Indicator | | - Blood Bucks | | | | -------------------------- ^ ^ Player 1 Player 2 Indicators Indicators RANK INDICATOR The rank insignia indicator is located in the upper corner of the screen. You will be promoted to higher ranks during the missions. Promotion depends on your efficiency. More kills means more experience and a promotion to the next rank. Your rank insignia will also be included in the high score table along with your score. LIFE INDICATOR The heart will flash when you are wounded. A hit by an enemy bullet will cause a wound that can be healed by collecting a first aid package. A hit by a cannon, vehicle or an explosion means instant death. The number will show how many lives you have left, of which the maximum in nine. GRENAGE INDICATOR There is a small delay between the firing of grenades, just to make life that bit harder. The grenade indicator will flash during the delay and will also flash if you do not carry any grenades. The number shows how many grenades you have left, the maximum is nine. You will always have three grenades at the beginning of a mission. Unused grenades from the previous mission will not be added. WEAPON INDICATOR The weapon indicator will show which weapon you have in use. BLOOD BUCKS Blood bucks are money you will earn during each mission. You get money for every neutralized enemy and you will find even more by destroying boxes, which sometimes hide shining siver or gold coins! TIME INDICATOR In the upper left corner of the screen is a time bar that will increase continuously. When the bar reaches the top, your time is out and your game is over. Nobody needs a mercenary who can`t keep his deadlines. You will hear a warning sound when the time bar is on a critical level. YOUR CHALLENGING MISSIONS There are six missions frrm around the world, including Central Europe, Scandinavia, South America, The Far East, Asia and Africa. Each mission id described briefly on the map screen before the mission begins. During the mission briefing your map and mission data computer will show the face of the commander of the opposing armed force. So, stay cool! They will be waiting for you at the end of each mission with their finest war vehicles. PICK UPS Search the game area carefully and you will find various types of pick-ups on your way. Blom them away by shooting them and sometimes you will find useful items, such as a new weapon!! Barrel Barrels hide first-aid packages and smart bomb detonators. Stack of Barrels These stacks often hide very valuable extra lives and first-aid packages. Box Boxes could hide an extra grenade and gold or silver coins. Stack of Boxes All weapons are concealed in stacks of boxes. Sometimes you might find a couple of gold coins. First-Aid First aid heals your wounds instantly. Extra Life Extra life is a pack of super-power food that gives you a whole new life! So be sure that you collect every one of these. Blood Bucks Blood bucks are gold or silver coins. That means money! Detonator The detonator is the visible part of a self destruction system which is installed beneath it by enemy forces. If you find one, just pick it up and you will see fantastic fireworks! It kills enemies too! ENEMY FORCES IDENTIFIED Radar Radar is an important part of your enemies defense system, so you will have to eliminate every one of these. Trucks These are not armed, but don`t go too near because they, as well as all the other vehicles, are deadly. Transport trucks usually carry enemy soldiers. Watchtower Watchtowers are located in dangerous places and they are occupied by crazy machine-gun shooters. Remember that these guys only exist so that they can eliminate as many lives as they can. Bunker Bunkers are heavily armed installations occupied by gun crews. Gunboat Armoured gunboats are in use in the jungle areas. These mini patrol boats are armed with nasty rapid-fire cannons. One Turret Tank There are a few diffeent types of tank. A grenade or two usually does the business with these guys. The One Turret tank is armed with a rotating big calibur gun. Double Barrel Tank The Double Barrel tank is armed with a high powered totating double barrel gun-tower. Solid Barrel tank The Solid Barrel tank is armed with a solid cannon which always fires in the same direction Attack Chopper Beware! Choppers are very dangerous in the hands of top pilots and you can bet that they will use fast air-to-ground Maverick rockets when they locate you. Fighter Fighters use hot napalm bombs, so you had better keep a safe distance when the rain is hitting the ground. Eliminate fighters with rockets or rapid fire weapons, such as the M60. Soldier A member of the local army or group. They have all the basic combat skills and are armed with assault rifles. Commando A soldier of fortune with good combat skills and with a good weapon. River Rat A highly trained former Seal Team member who doesn`t know what death means. They often hide in swamps and rivers. Sniper Can be found in city areas. They are hunting for your head, so watch out, especially near windows! Grenade Soldier They carry a huge set of deadly grenades and they don`t save them. When a grenade soldier appears, nobody is safe! Bazooka Soldier Bazookas will try and blow your head off with their rocket launchers. YOUR DEADLY WEAPONS You will find new weapons inside stacks of boxes and picking up one of these weapons activates it. Your current weapon will be shown on the weapon indicator. Damage status indicates how effective the gun is. Weapons also have different fire rates and fire ranges, and you will find your favourite weapon by testing them during your missions. Desert Eagle Magnum .44 At the very beginning of each mission you have a standard high power military pistol. The Desert Eagle 44mag. But remember, your enemies are nasty. You will have to find a better weapon if you want to survive. Damage Status:LOW Fire Rate:LOW Fire Range:SHORT AK-47 Kalashnikov This very famous Russian assault rifle waa designed originally by Mikhail T.Kalashnikov for Soviet Union Armed Forces. The AK-47 has become, may be, one of worlds most duplicated and widely used military weapons. So, you can be sure that there are many on your way! The AK offers you a good fire range and superb hit probability. Damage Status:LOW Fire Rate:MED Fire Range:LONG Isreali UZI Sub-Machine Gun The UZI submachine gun is a handful of a weapon, lightweight and deadly rapid fire. The fire range is good and the bullets are 9mm. UZI`s are also very reliable and therefore some way that it is the best partner for most missions. This may also be true in WatchTower! Damage Staus:LOW Fire Rate:HIGH Fire Range:LONG M16 Assault Rifle The M16 Assault Rifle is a world famous military weapon, used widely from the Vietnam War to Operation Desert Storm. Bullets are 5.56 cal and they will blow your enemies head off, if your aim is right. Damage Status:MED Fire Rate:MED Fire Range:MED M60 Portable Machine Gun The M60 General Purpose Machine Gun is a good friend of yours, using 7.62mm deadly bullets and with its excellent range and fire rate it offers you a good body count! Damage Status:MED Fire Rate:HIGH Fire Range:LONG Minigun The Minigun is the dream of eevry soldier. With its deadly six barrels and incredibly effective fire rate of around 4000 10mm shots per minute, you can make your enemies dance around. Even light-armored vehicles aren`t safe. A short lead shower fom the Minigun will do the best job you have ever seen. Damage Status:HIGH Fire Rate:HIGH Fire Range:MED Flame Thrower The Flame Thrower is a handful in short range combat situations, you can grill your enemies by just pulling the trigger. But beware, the smell is awful and screaming zombies are dangerous. Damage Status:HIGH Fire Rate:Continuous flame Fire Range:MED Rocket Launcher With a set of portable infra-red antiarmour rockets you drop enemy choppers, fighters and blow enemy vehicles and bunkers away. Remember, the rocket launcher is the deadliest weapon you can find, but handle it with care or you will blow the entire scenery to oblivion Damage Status:HIGH Fire Rate:LOW Fire Range:EXTRA LONG Hand Grenades High explosive particle hand grenades are your life savers when you are head to head with a nasty enemy vehicle, throw one or two and you will see your enemy go down in flames! Damage Status:HIGH Fire Rate:ONE AT A TIME Fire Range:MED Notice! Becasue of weight, you can only carry one gun and a set of nine grenades. When the player picks up a new weapon, he/she will automatically get rid of the old one. You will start each mission with a pistol, so your current weapon from the previous mission will not be available at the beginning of the new mission. You will have to find and collect new weapons again during each mission. USEFUL TACTICS Your single philosophy is "one shot, one kill". Remember that it is the only way to survive on battlefields. Use buildings, fences, trees, boxes and barrelsetc. to protect your movements. Look around the borders of the game for hidden weapons, first aid packages, extra lives, etc. Keep an eye on enemy vehicles, they are deadly and most are heavily armored, so don`t waste your bullets. One or two grenades is enough in most cases. Beware of exploding enemy bullets, such as bazooka rockets and tank bullets. The explosions will cause critical damage to you. Watch out for land mine installations and don`t dance over them. Play with a good tactic. Enemy soldiers will also die when stepping on mines or getting hit by their own exploding bullets shot by tanks and air forces. There are also choppers and fighters in the air. They will track you, so don`t freeze. You can try shooting them down using your gun, but even better launch a rocket or two if you carry a rocket launcher, and thats it! Watchtower is in fact a bit of a tactical game. You will soon find your own tactics to go forward. As in real battle situations it is better to take one enemy at a time, else you are in big trouble. Look out for different routes. There are a lot of places where you can choose between two or more different routes. Beware, the shortest route isn`t always the easiest. Neutralize three enemy soldiers within three seconds and you will be rewarded with a 5000 bonus! Both players will get bonuses, so teamwork counts. HONOURS AND MEDALS Your heroism will be rewarded by several medals of United States Armed Forces. Receiving a medal is always a great honour. Medal Of Honour For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life, above and beyond the call of duty, in action involving actual conflict with an opposing armed force. Legion Of Merit For exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of oustanding services. Silver Star For gallantry in action against an opposing armed force. Bronze Star For heroic or meritorious achievement of service in connection with operations against an opposing armed force. Distinguished Service Cross For extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an opposing armed force. United Nations Medal Awarded to personel for not less than six months service with one of the following United Nations` units: U.N. Observers Group in Lebanon; U.N. Truce Supervision Organization in Palestine; U.N. Military Observers Group in India and Pakistan. Puple Heart Awarded for wounds or death as result of an act of an opposing armed force. 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