RODLAND DOCS ~~~~~~~~~~~~ LOADING INSTRUCTIONS -------------------- Insert Game disk and switch on Computer. The game will now load! LOADING PROBLEMS ---------------- The utmost care is taken at all Stages of manufacture of this product to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. If you experience loading problems, please first reset all your equipment, check connections and try to reload following the instructions for your Machine. THE STORY SO FAR ---------------- Tam and Rit live in a fairy village. Having led a happy life full of sticky cakes and endless parties, they find that something awful has happened overnight to their fellow inhabitants. They've turned nasty and captured their mom and locked her in the top of the Maboots tower. Luckily for Tam and Rit they've inherited the Rods of Sheesanomo from a village elder and some rainbow shoes from their pop. Armed with these they can tackle the tower by wopping cuddly beings on the head with their rods and climbing ladders built with the help of their Rainbow Shoes. Its not easy though, when your former friends have some rather mean surprises for you!. HOW TO PLAY ----------- The game consists of over 40 levels of cuddly-bashing action. You must work through each screen, wopping the nasties and collecting the flowers. Wop them often enough and you'll pick up a useful weapon, or just tickle them with the rod and see what happens. To get around the screen you must build ladders either up or down to collect the platforms. As soon as you build a second one, your first ladder will disappear. If you dont clear the screen of your opponents in time, the game will change to "meany" mode where life will become far more difficult. Collecting all the flowers switches you into EXTRA GAME. Here you can collect an extra life by picking up letters to form the word EXTRA. You can play 1 or 2 players, but 2 player games can only be started on the 1st screen. JOYSTICK CONTROLS ----------------- WITHOUT fire button pressed:- Climb up Ladder ^ | | Walk left <-----o-----> Walk right | | Climb down ladder WITH fire button pressed:- Build ladder upwards ^ | | Fire Rod Left <-----o-----> Fire rod right | | Build ladder Downwards KEYBOARD CONTOLS ---------------- __________________________________ | Movement | Amiga or Atari st | |----------|-----------------------| | UP | Up Arrow | | DOWN | Down Arrow | | LEFT | Left Arrow | | RIGHT | Right Arrow | | FIRE | Shift, Alt, A or CTRL | | PAUSE | H | | QUIT | Esc | |__________|_______________________| THE END +++++++