Medway Boys & Ikari - Present - POWER DRIFT 118 Lines (5313 Bytes Decrunched) Docs by Phantom Lord (MEDWAY BOYS) It's's's POWER DRIFT! Choose from twelve wacky drivers, like Jason the Skinhead or Jeronimo the Mohican and rev your way through 27 stomach churning circuits! Watch the dust fly and the wheels spin as you screech over a 'roller coaster' track and wave goodbye to your opponents! Roar over mounds of mud, drive through the desert, slip 'n' slide on snow covered tarmac and race your way through the night to face the final lap! COMMODORE AMIGA --------------- To load the program, insert disk A into drive DF0: and reset the computer by pressing the CTRL key and the 2 Amiga keys. (A1000 owners will need to load Kickstart first). The game will start to load and after a short while will announce itself. If you have 1 megabyte of RAM or more, then the game will ask for disk B so that it can load in the course data to shorten disk accesses. OTHER DISK ACCESSES ------------------- The game will make disk accesses when a new course and stage are started. Whenever the game cannot find the disk in drive DF0: (because there is no disk present, or the wrong disk is inserted) it will indicate this and prompt the user to insert the correct disk. MENU OPTIONS ------------ The following options are available from the game menu: 1) Sensitivity Adjust In joystick/keyboard control mode, this causes a cycling of the three sensitivities (speed with which the car turns from side to side). In mouse control mode, this enables the user to define the required scaling for the mouse and a seperate screen is displayed. 2) Control Adjust This toggles between mouse and joystick/keyboard control. Control selected at startup is mouse. To start the game, click either the mouse button if mouse control mode is selected, otherwise press the joystick fire button or either SHIFT key. The course selection screen will then be entered. This is used to select the course which you wish to play. Use left and right to select the course you wish. Press the gear change control when the driver arrow points to the driver that you want to select. Alternatively, press SPACE instead to select, without game music. After this, the course will be loaded off disk and the game will begin. GAME CONTROL ------------ In joystick control mode, the following controls apply: Turn Left Joystick Left Turn Right Joystick Right Accelerate Joystick Forward Brake Joystick Back Gear change Joystick Fire Button. The keyboard can also be used at the same time as the joystick. The following keys are used: Turn Left , (; on French Keyboard) Turn Right . (: on French Keyboard) Accelerate CTRL Brake Space Bar Gear change either SHIFT In mouse control mode, the following controls apply: Turn Left---+---The turn is determined by the mouse Turn Right--+ horizontal position Accelerate Mouse Left Button Brake SPACE bar, Keypad Enter, or any joystick position Gear change Mouse Right Button In joystick control mode, if it is possible for the user's joystick to register both left and right together (or if the left and right on the keyboard are held down together), then the car will keep its current turn position. The gear change control is used to toggle the current gear between high 'H' and low 'L'. The game may be paused at any stage by pressing the HELP key. It may be resumed by pressing the RETURN key, or abandoned by pressing the ESC key. To enter a high score into the table, use left and right movement of the selected control device to choose the desired character. This character can then be selected by pressing the gear change control. Characters can be deleted using the BACKSPACE or DELETE keys on the keyboard. The fourth character cannot be deleted as it is the final one. IMPORTANT NOTES --------------- If you boot the Workbench or CLI and insert the disk into one of your disk drives, the system willsay that the disk is bad. Do not worry, because the disk is not bad, it's just that the Amiga can't understand the format used to store the game. Due to the upsurge in Amiga 'Viruses', the following should be noted: The game uses its own custom 'Boot Block' to load and so some Virus detectors will warn you that the game disks are infected with a virus. Do not worry because they are not infected. Be very careful never to allow the game disks to become infected because the game will not load if they are. If you do not unfortunately infect disk A, a spare copy of the boot block is stored in sectors 2 and 3 on track 0, side 0 of the disk. These should be copied to sectors 0 and 1 on track 0, side 1 of the disk to remove the virus and repair the disk. Most disk sector editors should allow you to do this although you may have trouble getting some to accept the disk because of its non-standard format. T H E E N D .