________ ________ ________ ____ ________ ________ _) \_) \_) \_) \_) \_) \ __ ____ /___/ / /_____/\ / / / / / / / /_//___// \___ / / /CT\/ / / / / / / ::/___/ /___ /:::/ /_____/___ /___/ /___ __ :T:::\____/::::\____/::::\____/::::::::::\____/::::\____//__//_/ :|:::::::::: :::::::: :::::::: :::::::: :::::::T:::: :|: :|: | Codetapper of Action Presents | | | | | | Pipe Mania | | | | . . | | ..:: ::.. | | :.: Another fine Action Production! :.: | l______/\ ___________________________________ /\______| \/ \/ Typed in by Mr.Terry of Triple H. Edited by Parasite and Codetapper! HARD DISK INSTALLATION ---------------------- Make a new folder on your hard disk called PIPE or another suitable name. Copy the contents of your AUTO folder into the hard disk folder. Then copy the file PIPEDATA in as well. These two are the only necessary files. PLEASE NOTE: The program can only load and save high scores to a floppy disk. If you want to save your high scores you must have the game disk in Drive A:. If you wish,however,you can copy the high scores onto a blank disk of your choise. To do this insert your chosen disk into the drive and then during the attract sequence press ALT-S. After a warning the high scores will be written to your disk. SECRET CODE ----------- Certain versions of Pipe Mania require you to enter a secret code at the beginning in order to start the game. A screen will appear with one large symbol, with a colour below it and seven assorted pipe sections. You'll use the large symbol to get the secret code from the code card.Find the large symbol on your code card together with the colour. Read down the card from the large symbol until you find the line opposite the colour. Where these two lines cross you will find three pipe sections. Now find the matching pipe sections on the screen and click on them in the same order they appear on your card. Don't lose your code card as you can't begin the game without it. THE GAME -------- Pipe Mania starts on a playing grid that is empty except for the starting piece. The object is to score as many points as possible by construction pipeline from the starting piece. As you play, pipe sections appear in a dispenser to the left of the grid. You can place a pipe section anywhere you like, whether or not it connects with other pipe sections. In fact, you'll learn to place pieces in a pattern that anticipates connections five or ten moves in advance. You can "bomb" any previously placed pipe section by placing a new section on top of it. The old pipe will explode and the new pipe will appear in its place. There is a short time delay for replacing pipes, and a 50 point penalty. Once a pipe piece fills with flooz, you can no longer replace it. At the start of higher levels advanced pipe sections and obstacles will appear randomly on the grid. These pieces can't be replaced by other pieces. With each level you have a set amount of time in which to connect as many pipe sections as possible before the flooz starts to flow. This time decreases as you as you progress up through the levels. When the flooz reaches the end of your pipeline the round is over. Once you've placed all the pipe pieces you can (or want to), press the F key and the flooz will speed up and end the round quickly. You will score double points for each additional pipe section the flooz passes enough. ADVANCING TO THE NEXT LEVEL --------------------------- In order to advance to the next level, the flooz must flow through a certain number of pipes. A counter in the upper right corner of the screen indicates the minimum number of sections that must be connected within that level. The countdown starts the moment the flooz starts flowing through the pipeline allowing you to keep track of how many sections still need to be connected. When the counter reaches zero, you qualify for the next level. On higher levels things change: * The flooz flows at a faster rate. * Obstacles appear on the grid which you can't "bomb". * Bonus-pieces: These earn you extra points if the flooz goes through them. * One-way pieces: Through which the flooz can only flow in one direction. * End pieces: In addition to achieving the required pipeline length, the flooz must terminate in an end piece in order to advance to the next level. * Reservoir pieces: These slow down the flooz giving you valuable extra time. * There are sections of the grid that allow the flooz to exit one side of the screen and reappear on the opposite side. PLAYING MODES ------------- Pipe Mania has three playing modes: basic one-player, expert one- player and competitive two-player. There is also a training mode that allows you to play any of these modes at a slower rate of flow. In training mode it is not possible to enter your score into the high score table. BASIC ONE-PLAYER Pipe sections appear in a single dispenser on the left of the screen. You can always see the next five sections in the dispenser. EXPERT ONE-PLAYER Pipe sections appear in two dispensers on the left side of the screen, one above the other. The pipe sections nearest the middle of the screen are available to be placed on the grid. You can always see the next three sections in each dispenser. COMPETITIVE TWO-PLAYER As in expert mode, pipe sections in two dispensers on the left side of the screen. Player one uses the pipes from the top dispenser and player two uses the pipes from the bottom one. PIPE SECTIONS ------------- You'll encounter a variety of pipe sections, obstacles and speciality pieces as you progress through the levels of Pipe Mania. BASIC SECTIONS The seven basic pieses conduct the flooz straight, around corners and back through itself in a loop. Remember, the flooz flows in a straight line unless it has no other choice. PLAYER TWO SECTIONS They are just like player one's pipes, except for the identifying dots and/or colour differences, depending upon your computer system. ONE WAY SECTIONS The flooz can only flow in the direction of the arrow on the one way pipes. so be careful how you use them. START SECTIONS Soon after the round begins, the flooz oozes out of the starting section, identified by the letter "S", or an arrow. END SECTIONS On some levels, you'll find an end piece, identified by the letter "E" or an arrow. Try to build a pipeline that exceeds the minimum distance required and terminates in the end piece. When the flooz enters the end piece, you'll earn a 1000 point bonus. If you don't finish in the end piece you lose that level. OBSTACLES You can't "bomb" them or go through them, so you'll have to go around them. Try to construct loops with the obstacles in the centre. RESERVOIRS These are very useful because they buy a little extra time. The flooz has to fill the entire reservoir before it will flow out the other side. Use a reservoir before your pipeline reaches the minimum distance and earn 500 bonus points. After that you'll earn 1000 bonus points. BONUS SECTIONS Build a higher score by direction the flooz into a bonus piece. Before the minimum distance required, each bonus piece is worth 500 points. After the minimum requirement, each bonus piece is worth 1000 points. CONTROLS -------- JOYSTICK Up, Down, Left and Right to move cursor. Fire button to place a piece. In expert mode, whilst holding the fire button down, move the joystick up to place a piece selected from the top dispenser, or down to select from the bottom dispenser. MOUSE Up, Down, Left and Right to move cursor and left places a piece. In expert mode the left mouse button selects from the bottom dispenser. KEYBOARD UP Up Arrow, keypad 8 or keyboard I DOWN Down Arrow, keypad 2 or keyboard K LEFT Left Arrow, keypad 4 or keyboard J RIGHT Right Arrow, keypad 6 or keyboard L PLACE Left Shift, Space bar, Return or keypad 0 TWO PLAYER All input commands are the same as for one player mode. The players can choose any combination of mouse/keyboard/joystick or two joysticks. Player one selects from the top dispenser and player two from the bottom. SPECIAL KEYS P Pauses the game (any key to re-start). F Speeds up the flow of the flooz. ESC Quits the game back to the title page. SCORING ------- BASIC GAME SCORING * 50 points for each section the flooz flows through until the minimum is reached. * 100 points for each extra section the flooz flows through. * 500 points for each time the flooz crosses itself in a cross pipe section. * 500 points for each bonus or reservoir section the flooz flows through. * 1000 points for using the end piece. * 100 point penalty at the end of each round for each unused piece left. * 50 point penalty for each replacement made. * After pressing the "fast flooz" key, every pipe the flooz flows through earns you double the usual point value. EXPERT ONE PLAYER The basic scoring as above, plus: * 100 bonus points are given every time the flooz flows through pipe pieces selected from alternating (top and bottom) dispensers. COMPETIVE TWO PLAYER The basic scoring as above, plus: * Points from the flooz flow, including the 500 point bonus for cross-overs, are scored only by the player who placed that section. * The 100 point penalty is taken only from the player who placed the pipe. * The bonus piece points go to the player who placed the previous piece and connected it to the bonus piece. PLAYING TIPS ------------ * Use the training mode to become a good Pipe Mania strategist. Learn how to visualise the completed pipeline and place pieces accordingly. * If you want a big score, don't be too eager to advance quickly to the next level. Earn as many points as you can on each level. * Think ahead. If you don't need a piece right away, put it where you can connect it later. Blowing up pipes wastes time and valuable points. * Use cross pipes wisely. You only get a limited number of them, and each one can earn you bonus points. Make sure you place them where there's room to loop back through. * Even if you're way ahead of the flow, work fast. That way, you'll have time to figure out how to fill as much of the grid as much of the grid as possible, alternatively you can press the "F" key to score bonus points.