MR.Z PRESENTS NINJA SPIRIT INSTRUCTION MANUAL LOADING INSTRUCTIONS Switch on computer and insert disk - The game will automatically load and run. GAMEPLAY You, the spirit of the white wolf "TSUKIKAGE", have taken the form of a Ninja to battle the evil one. Fight Ninja swordsmen, samurais, giant Ninjas, mystical kitemen, wolves and musketeers, before the final confrontation with the evil warlock. Travel across perilous boardwarks, marshes and ropebridges, and climb the sheer rock face, avoiding poisonous gas. Make your way through treacherous caverns, but watch out for the lowering ceiling and boulders which pin you to the walls. Kill the special Ninjas who leave a spirit ball in their place. Collect these to get extra spirits, who follow your every move and attack, extra power for your weapons, and extra weapons such as the deadly "Fire-Rope". CONTROLS NINJA SPIRITS can be controlled using a joystick as follows... Without Fire-Button UP/JUMP JUMP TO | JUMP TO LEFT \ | / RIGHT \ | / \ | / \|/ LEFT ---------------- RIGHT | | | | CROUCH With Fire-Button FIRE UP FIRE UP & | FIRE UP & TO LEFT \ | / TO RIGHT \ | / \ | / \|/ FIRE ----------------- FIRE LEFT | RIGHT | | | FIRE DOWN And the following keyboard controls SPACE - Weapon Select P - Toggle Pause On/Off CREDITS Coding, Graphics and Music - IMAGES DESIGN Instruction Manual Typing - MR.Z