Indiana Jones - Fate Of Atlantis Codewheel PAGE SYMBOL No 1 No 2 No 3 No 4 --------------------------------------------------------- SUN 3 1 7 5 2 MOON 3 7 2 0 VOLCANO 0 6 4 2 --------------------------------------------------------- SUN 4 6 7 0 3 MOON 7 1 4 3 VOLCANO 6 2 0 4 --------------------------------------------------------- SUN 1 3 0 2 4 MOON 1 7 5 0 VOLCANO 4 0 6 2 --------------------------------------------------------- SUN 2 5 6 1 5 MOON 1 7 1 5 VOLCANO 2 6 0 4 --------------------------------------------------------- SUN 5 2 1 3 6 MOON 3 4 7 6 VOLCANO 2 6 4 0 --------------------------------------------------------- SUN 2 6 4 3 7 MOON 1 2 3 4 VOLCANO 6 4 0 2 --------------------------------------------------------- SUN 6 5 0 7 8 MOON 7 2 4 1 VOLCANO 0 2 6 4 --------------------------------------------------------- SUN 0 1 2 7 9 MOON 2 1 0 6 VOLCANO 4 6 2 0 --------------------------------------------------------- SUN 2 3 4 7 10 MOON 2 3 6 7 VOLCANO 2 0 4 6 --------------------------------------------------------- SUN 4 5 2 1 11 MOON 3 4 5 2 VOLCANO 6 4 2 0 --------------------------------------------------------- SUN 4 5 6 2 12 MOON 5 6 0 4 VOLCANO 2 4 0 6 --------------------------------------------------------- SUN 4 3 2 5 13 MOON 6 0 7 1 VOLCANO 0 4 2 6 --------------------------------------------------------- SUN 7 4 0 1 14 MOON 5 1 0 4 VOLCANO 4 6 0 2 --------------------------------------------------------- SUN 7 6 1 3 15 MOON 4 5 6 1 VOLCANO 6 4 2 0 --------------------------------------------------------- 7 0 1 SO SUN #2, MOON #4, VOLCANO #1 ON PAGE 7 = \ | / 6- -2 6-O [sun] ) [moon] 6-/\ [volcano] / | \ | 5 4 3 4 Indiana Jones IV - Fate Of Atlantis Full Documentation PAGE 1 Playing The Game: As the story opens, Indy is searching Barnett College for a mysterious statue. At this stage, as Indy proceeds from room to room. You can examine an object more closely and in some cases, make use of it simply by clicking on them. Try clicking on the gargoyle in the fore- ground. After you have found the statue,Indy will return to his office,Where the next part of the story will unfold in a "CUT SCENE". Cut scenes are short animated sequences like scenes from a movie which can provide clues and information. They are also used to show special animated sequences, as when an unsuspecting jungle rodent helps Indy get rid of a snake. When you are viewing a cut-scene, your cursor disappears and for the moment you don't control the events. You begin directing Indy's actions as he arrives in New York City. The displays are divided into the following sections:- The Action Screen: Is the largest part of the display. This is where the animated action takes place. Dialogue spoken by the characters also appears here. The Sentence Line Is directly below the Action Screen. You use this line to construct sentances that tell Indy what to do. A consists of a VERB (action word) and one or two NOUNS (objects).Some examples of sentances you you might construct on the sentance line are "Use whip with statue" or "Use arrowhead with rag". Connecting words like "ON" or "WITH" will automatically be inserted by the program. PAGE 2 _____________________________________________ | | | 1 | S | | C | | R |___________________________________________| E | 2 | E |___________________________________________| N | | | | | | | 3 | 4 | |__________|________________________________| 1: THE ACTION SCREEN 3:AVAILABLE VERBS 2: THE SENTANCE LINE 4:THE INVENTORY ICONS PAGE 3 Available Verbs: Are listed in the lower left side of the display. To select a verb,position the cursor over the word and push LEFT MOUSE BUTTON/ENTER or JOYSTICK FIRE BUTTON. The game has a `quick-verb' feature that high- lights an appropiate verb when the cursor touches an interesting or useful object on the screen. For example, when Indy is near a door will high-light the verb OPEN. Pressing the right mouse button ,will use the quick-verb with the object, which in this case opens the door.DON~T worry: this feature won`t give away solutions to any of the puzzles. keep in mind though a verb is high-lighted, It may not be the only way to use an object, try the other verbs as well! Nouns (objects): Can be selected in two ways, You may select a noun by placing the cursor over an object in the Action Screen. Many objects in the environment, and all the usable objects in the game, Have names if an object has a name, it will appear on the Sentance Line when you position the cursor over it . If no name appears for an object on the screen,you can be sure that it has no sagnificance other than as a part of a back ground , You may also select nouns by clicking on them in the Inventory. The Inventory Icons: Are located to the right of the verbs. At the beginning of the game Indy`s inventory is limited to what ever he has retained from the first cut-scene. When he picks up or is given an object to use during the game play,an icon for that object is added to the inventory. There is NO limit to the number of objects Indy can carry.When there are more than ten objects in the inventory, Arrows appear to the left of the icons. Click on the arrows to scroll the icon window up or down. The Indy Quotient Display: Will help you keep on track of your progress through the game. Press the Inventory/IQ Point key - I to view your point tables (see `indy quotient (IQ) points' below for a full explanation of IQ points.) To move Indy around, position the cursor where you want him to go,and click Notice that WALK default verb in the sentence line- this because moving around is what Indy will be doing most often. Things to do in New York: Look at the newspaper at the stand next to the door at the theatre.Place the cursor over the newspaper, you will notice that the verb LOOK is highlighted. Push the right mouse button and indy will walk to the newspaper and tell you what he sees. PAGE 4 Things To do in New York (cont): To pick up the paper select the verb pick-up by placing the cursor over the verb and pressing the left mouse button or enter key. Notice that the words "pick-up" appear on the sentance line .Position the cursor over the newspaper and push the left mouse button or enter key.This completes the sentance "pick-up newspaper" on the sentance line.If Indyis not already standing by the newspaper. He will walk over to it and pick it up.The newspaper icons will be added to the inventory. Open the theatre's back door. See if you can talk your way past the doorman without getting into a fist-fight. Explore the alley a bit further...maybe there`s another way to get to the theatre. The Paths: At a certain point in the game, you will find yourself back in Indy's office, with a decision to be made: Should you persuade Sophia to continue with Indy on the search? Do you want to proceed on your own, using your intellect to overcome the obstacles in your way? or would you rather spice up your quest with a little more action?? There are 3 ways to procced from this point. The choice you make will influence the course of the story. While the team,wits and fists paths cross one another at times, many of the puzzles and their solutions-as well as the places which you can visit - will be different. The path's re-converge when you reach ATLANTIS.. We suggest you reserve a Save Game slot for the decision(see game controls) That way, once you've successfully completed the path of your choice, You can return to the point of decision to sample a differnt path.. PAGE 5 Special Interfaces: Occasionally, you will find the standard interface replaced by specialized controls Talking To Characters: There are plenty of characters in the game with whom you can converse. Nearly everyone Indy meets will have something to do or say, Whether friendly or not ...helpful or unhelpful! Often you can talk with someone and then return later for new Information. In a conversation, you select what Indy says from the list appearing at the bottom of the screen. Just click on the phrase you want him to say.Of course,Your choice will affect how other people will respond. And as conversations continue, you may be presented a new array of dialogue choices. Occasionally you may find yourself unable to resist a particularly amusing statement. Keep in mind that just as in real-life some of Iny`s wisecracks can lead to trouble. Fortunately in Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis, you can save a game before surrendering to temptation... Fighting Remember, picking a fight is dangerous. Losing can lead to the game's abrupt end, If you choose the action path, you will find it necessary to fight your way to several situations. NOTE:-In most cases,you can "sucker punch" your opponent and win the fight.keep in mind that you dont get IQ points for using this option. Notice the displays for health and punch-power PAGE 6 Fighting(cont) Both for Indy and,below that for his opponent. If either combatant is hit,His health decreases, When health drop`s to a dangerous level the display will turn yellow, When the drop in health becomes critical the display will turn red , When a compbatannt`s health is entirely used he will be knocked on Conscious. If Indy rests beetween fights,he will HEAL and his Health Power will return to normal. The punch power display shows how powerful Indy`s swing will be. Each time Indy tries to hit,his Punch Power takes a few moments to build back up to it's maximum ,If Indy swings again to quickly, he will not hit a maximimum power. Of course it may be important to keep his enemy off balance than to hit for maximum effect. Indy can punch high,middle or low to try to get past his opponents defenses. Each enemy has his own individual strengths and weaknesses. To punch your opponent,position the cursor on him and push either Mouse Button (you can switch to keyboard/joystick.) Indy also has some defensive moves. His opponents often set their fists a moment before they try to punch.If you watch for his and have Indy block at the positioning the cursor on Indy(Either high/middle/low)and clicking you can successfully block the punch. Also Indy step back to increase the distance between Him and the opponent. This can be used to buy a little time for Indy to recover some of his punch-power. If you dont like the way the fight is going .you can make your Escape by repeatedly backing Indy away from his opponent. The Lost Dialogue of Plato Key pages in Plato`s lost dialogue have been marked by paper-clips. To turn to a marked page, Simply click on the appropriate paper-clip. To close the book and return to the game, click anywhere else on the screen (or push the ESC key). PAGE 7 Camel: Use the mouse to direct your Camel through the desert. Try to keep rock outcroppings between yourself and trouble-If your caught, you`re apt to wind up back in the city. Balloon: When your flying the ballon,you'll have to contend with prevailing winds, which shift direction whenever you change altitude(the weather vane at lower right corner of the screen indicates your current heading). The up and downdrafts can also affect the course of your flight. Use the cursor to identify points of interest at which you may want to land. Use the on-screen verbs or the right and left mouse/joystick buttons to control the balloon's altitude: to descend open the vents; to ascend, drop the ballast. To land at a point of interest, manoeuver the balloon over the site and keep venting hydrogen until you`re back on the ground. Automobile: Should monsieur Trottier fall in to the hands of the Nazi agents,It will be up to you to rescue him. The nazi`s drive fast but there sense of direction is weak. Use the mouse to maneuver around the streets of Monte Carlo as you attempt to intercept the Nazis` car. Surveyor's Instrument (transit): Use the larger left/right knobs for coarse control; Fine tune the aliignment using the smaller middle knobs. Submarine: There are 4 controls on the submarine;on the team path ,you`ll have to find each one and learn how to use it, from left to right they control: DEPTH Click at the top to ascend; at the bottom to descend. To level off, center the lever. STEERING Click to the left or right of the wheel to turn the submarine 180 degress left or right . PAGE 8 SUBMARINE cont DIRECTION After a zeroing the sub`s engine, speed click here to reverse the engines. SPEED Click near the top to increase engine speed; near the bottom to decrease speed .The lowest setting will stop the submarine dead in the water. Atlantean Machinery: Even the wounderous machinery of Atlantis is vunerable to the ravages of time. Here`s your chance to restore some of it to good working order: the parts that you have collected will be arrayed at the bottom of the screen The remainder of the screen shows the interior of a sentury statue. To pick up a part, Click once on it with the left mouse button it will now follow the cursor around the screen. Position the part over 1 of the pegs, And click the left mouse button again to install it on the peg. When you have a part selected, Clicking the right mouse will de-select it. Game Controls: To save your progrress in a game, enabling you to turn the computer off and start again later in the same position,simply press the save/load key (F1 on most computers). To load a game you have saved, use the save/load game function key any time after the game has begun. To pause the game (SPACE on most computers). To by-pass a cut-scene press both mouse buttons. To restart the game (F8 on most computers) PAGE 9 Insy Quotient (IQ) Points: Press the inventor/IQ point key `i' to switch from the inventory icons to the IQ points display (push again returns to inventory). The path destination will be `none' until you have passed the point in the game in which you make a path decision. The number labelled current measures how well you are doing in the current game. The number labelled total measures how well you have done in games to that point. The maximum total score,If you solve every variation of every puzzle on all three paths is 1000, Your IQ points when you solve puzzles, Get past obstacles or find important objects. Your IQ points are saved when you finished a game ,save a game or load a game. When you start a new game you will have no IQ points until you load/save game. A Few Helpful Hints: *Pick up every-thing you can,Odds are,at some point all those strange things will serve some purpose.... *If you get stuck and can`t figure out how to proceed,try looking through all the items you`ve found and thinking about each one might be used. Think about the places you`ve gone,and the people you`ve met. Chances are there will be connection that`ll put you back on track. *When you`re with Sophia, she might have some good ideas on how to proceed. *There is more than 1 way to solve many of the puzzles. Contents: Your Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis package should contain the following: * Your game disks * One user manual Using the Keyboard in Fist Fights (num-lock key is off): IF INDY IS ON THE LEFT: IF INDY IS ON THE RIGHT: _____________________________________ _____________________________________ | 7 | 8 | 9 | | 7 | 8 | 9 | | STEPBACK | BLOCK HIGH| PUNCH HIGH | | PUNCH HIGH | BLOCK HIGH | STEPBACK| |__________|___________|____________| |____________|____________|_________| | 4 | 5 | 6 | | 4 | 5 | 6 | | STEPBACK | BLOCK MID | PUNCH MIDD | | PUNCH MIDD | BLOCK MIDD | STEPBACK| |__________|___________|____________| |____________|____________|_________| | 1 | 2 | 3 | | 1 | 2 | 3 | | STEPBACK | BLOCK LOW | PUNCH LOW | | PUNCH LOW | BLOCK LOW | STEPBACK| |__________|___________|____________| |____________|____________|_________| Appropriate key once is equivalent to moving the cursor over the verb and pressing the control button the keys are mapped:- _______________________________ | G | P | U | | GIVE | PICK UP | USE | |_______|__________|__________| | O | L | S | | OPEN | LOOK AT | SHOVE | |_______|__________|__________| | C | T | Y | | CLOSE | TALK TO | YANK | |_______|__________|__________| NOTE:in order for the keyboard controls to function propely, The CAPS LOCK key must be kept off.