DISPOSABLE HERO Typed by Belgarath THE HISTORY OF THE FREE WORLDS... By the middle of the 24th century mankind has taken to the stars, discovering strange, new and sometimes dangerous worlds. In 2549 the Free Worlds bond was formed to ensure peaceful cooperation between major solar-systems. In 2723 the discovery of a new star system also uncovered the existence of intelligent lifeforms. The system was named Meegan 12 and signs of a highly developed technology lead to the knowledge that man was no longer alone in the universe.... Starting their 29th century the Free Worlds were attacked by unknown forces. This war, commonly known as The Blaze ended in 2874. Almost half the Free Worlds population was killed and technology sunk to a level barely above that of the Earth's 20th century. Communication between individual star systems was near to impossible. In the year 2867 a small group of men and women were selected for a highly specialised task force...D-HERO. D-HERO was believed to be the only means of regaining lost technology and freedom. They succeeded in building a prototype spaceship capable of penetrating the alien strongholds. Alien BLUE-PRINTS were obtained during an alien transport by the remainder of the taskforce. The Von Vonnegut method (opening space-time-interrupts at desired places) made it possible to tune up the ship on its flight through enemy territory; the ship is warped to the Factory where enhancements are made and thought out. Rumours out there's an improved craft under design... Now it's up to the man flying the machine, his reflexes and tactical abilities... DO YOU MATCH UP FOR TASKFORCE D-HERO ? SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS D-HERO requires an Amiga with at least ONE megabyte of memory, and a joystick plugged in controlport 2. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS . Reset Your Amiga using the two Amiga keys and the CTRL key, insert Disk One and the game will load automatically. . Insert Disk 2 only when prompted by the system; if you have a second disk drive you may place Disk 2 into that. . D-HERO is not installable on hard disk although it is not neccesary to disconnect the hard disk. GETTING THERE When you reach the title screen you can select an option by simply moving the joystick and depressing the fire button when it is highlighted. PLAYING D-HERO, ACTION-INFORMATION Status-bar : the damage-bar indicates the amount of sustainable damage. 1. Ship : this is the one you start with... 2. Factory : fly into this dome-like warpzone to rest your finger and enter the Factory to get past the latest means of oblivion. 3. Canon : these sometimes shoot one way while others sometimes track in on Your ship. 4. Alien : expect the unexpected... 5. Bonuses : can be recognized by their floating appearance partially inflicted upon them by the chronosynclastic infundibulum of von Vonnegut. I. D-pod : damage-repair II. Blue-print : read further on about this. You start your flight with three spaceships, default weaponary and a full damage-bar. You sustain damage by colliding with aliens and their bullets. The degree of damage depends on the alien You collide with. The alien structures however will make You crash when collided with. And also when the damage-bar reaches zero (early warning: smoke from ship's engine) a ship is lost. Your ship can be upgraded by picking up blue-prints. These are the only technical plans for gadgets. Whenever You pick one up it is transmitted to the Factory and the piece of machinery it depicts will be constructed. This takes time, which will not decrease by waiting inside the Factory. INSIDE THE FACTORY Move the arrow around and press fire to look at the blue-prints, their status of implementation, or at info about military tests of the weapon depicted. The ship You use has certain abilities and restrictions. The accumulated energy of the gadgets You want to use must be as same or less than the engine produces. Sometimes there's not enough mounting surface for the completed weapon, so You cannot mount all the weapons on the back of your ship. The completed weapons are highlighted in the blue-print-columns. Note: not all blue-prints ARE weapons. If you lose a ship in the running it will not have any affect on the weapon stock. Once constructed a weapon is easily built. High tech, you know!? Typed by Belgarath