B I O N I C C O M M A N D O SCENARIO It may have been ten years, but the oppression and devastation continues. The alien forces that laid waste to our once beautiful world have all but decimated our civilization. Now, for the first time in so many years comes our chance for glory again. The Bionic Commandos. This elite fighting force is each equipped with a bionic arm with which they can climb and swing from platform to platform by extending their arm and grabbing any suitable object above them. The arm is also useful for catching provisions and extra weapons parachuted into the combat zone. As a weapon the bionic arm delivers an awesome blow to any enemy soldiers he may come to grips with. After battling his way through the alien base complex, the commando must destroy the launch computer, thus preventing the aliens from using their doomsday weapon. JOYSTICK COMMANDS Without fire depressed: Left - Walk left Right - Walk right Back - Crouch Forward - no effect To attach your bionic arm press FIRE. With fire pressed: Left - Fire left Right - Fire right Back - Crouch and fire in direction facing Forward - Extend bionic arm With bionic arm attached: Left - Swing Left Right - Swing Right Back - Detach bionic arm Forward - Climb up bionic arm KEYBOARD COMMANDS F1 - Pause F10 - Reset GAME PLAY Your bionic commando is equipped not only with a bionic arm, but also with a standard double-shot gun. As the game proceeds, extra weaponry will be parachuted to you. These include: A rapid fire gun Grenade launcher A plasma bolt blaster A bionic arm turbo charger for extra speed. LEVEL 1 The Dying Forest This is the only accessible route to the alien complex. However, the aliens know that too! As you approach the complex, alien guards armed with rifles and grenades will bar your way. Use your bionic arm to climb the trees, but beware, the larger soldiers are equipped with a grappling hook with which they can climb trees and chase you. Also the trees are inhabited by, in the lower brances, a species of killer bees and on the higher branches lurk vicious flying creatures. These must either be destroyed or avoided at all costs. LEVEL 2 The Castle Once through the forest, your next task is to neutralise the castle under which lies the enemy base complex. Battle your way across the drawbridge doing your best to blast or avoid cannons and gun turrets that spew out wave after wave of deadly shells and missiles. Electric wires that stretch across your path must be destroyed, as touching them is instant electrocution. If that wasn't bad enough, once across the drawbridge, to reach the top of the castle, you must destroy the explosive ladened kamikaze soldiers who will do their best to blow you up, while above you the aliens have placed their toughest soldiers who will try to squash you flat by hurling large objects from above as you pass by. LEVEL 3 Infiltration Gaining access to the underground complex will be no easy feat. With their first two lines of defence destroyed the aliens have sealed off the complex to all but the most frenzied attack. However, there is one slim chance of entry, the sewer system. Infested by lethal creatures, little of which is known, fight your way through blasting not only the creatures, but also the massive robots which even though only partly operational, are still extremely dangerous. To add to the battle, evil machines bounce towards you which if hit, catapult its driver clear allowing him to fight on. LEVEL 4 The Control Room Now inside you must reach the missile with all possible haste. To reach it you must pass through the control room. However, your entry is blocked by a set of immovable doors. These are easily dealt with by blasting the locking mechanism. As you battle to reach the top of the room, blast the soldiers that bar your way, destroy the helicopters that buzz around above you dropping bombs, while avoiding th indestructible stomp machines that will flatten you if they have the chance. LEVEL 5 The Silo The final and most difficult level of Bionic Commando. Smash through the remaining defences that have a few lethal surprises in store. Once at the top of the silo, destroy the alien launch computer, thus stopping the launch of the doomsday missile and completing your mission... possibly! And that's it folks. Hope you enjoy the game.