Space Ace CHEAT MODE: Type in 'DODEMODEXTER' to roll the demo through the entire game. Or to do it yourself: SPACE ACE SOLUTION ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (1)The First Scene is very easy,the manual even told ya how to do it,but theirs always people who dont like to read,or cant even read at all! A)RIGHT to jump to the rock B)LEFT to Dodge the laser C)DOWN to jump back to rock (WHY DOWN?? stupid readysoft) 2)The Second Is the Scene with Floating Robot that crushes the rocks. A)RIGHT to dodge the crusher B)LEFT (wait until the Crusher goes up,that was a tuffy) C)LEFT (this is a timing move,the best way to do is to wait until you see 3 pieces of rocks get crushed,then LEFT)scenes involve timing. D)LEFT (wait until the Crusher goes up) E)LEFT to Exit the scene(im not sure if this move is needed,but just in Case) 3)This is the Scene with the Space Ships shooting at you A)DOWN to dodge B)UP to dodge 4)This is the Scene where your flying a SPACESHIP(this was the hardest part of the game for me?? hehehe) A)UP (Wait until your ship is near the middle of the screen,then UP) 5)This is the Scene with a Monster that is getting ready to kick your ass (theres alot of these scenes hehe) A)FIRE (wasnt that hard?) 6)This is the scene with the Broken Bridge and a stomping arm is crushing the Bridge. A) RIGHT(wait a sec or two if you die) B) UP 7)This is the scene with the moving Platform moving up and down A)RIGHT to jump to platform B)RIGHT to jump off platform(this was tricky,right after you land on the platform,press RIGHT real fast!) 8)This is first of 2 scenes with one of those man eatting plants A)DOWN B)RIGHT (as soon as you press down) 9) This is the Second of the 2 Scenes with man eatting plants A)DOWN B)LEFT (as soon as you press down) 10)This is the scene with a plant grabbing you A)FIRE to kill the plant of a bitch 11)This is the scene with 2 purple monsters and cats running behind you A) UP (NOTE: wait until you see the cats behind you!) 12)Ok i will know list all the moves for this scene in the maze! A)UP,RIGHT,UP,RIGHT,LEFT,LEFT,RI‹GHT,UP CAN YOU BEAT BORF? OK this is th last scene with Borf,and lik Dragons lair its the scene and the hardest.. Even though i finished it easily.. its still hard remembering what to do and Since the scenes move so fast.. Our Reflexes sometimes fuck us up! But its not that bad! hehe Im sure your saying?? So fast?? Borf already?? wheres the motorcycle?? wheres this and that? too bad READYSOFT is gonna do Space Ace II i bet! 1)This is first scene where Borf is trying to hit you with his Electric stick! A)FIRE to block 2)This is the next scene right after the previous scene hehe A)FIRE to block again 3)This is the 3rd scene of the fight(sorry its hard to describe this) A)FIRE to block B)RIGHT to get dodge Borfs Stomping Feet! 4)This Scene Is where your stick and Borfs stick connects,and borf Kicks A)FIRE B)DOWN to dodge Borfs Spinning Hook Kick(a Martial Artist?WOW) 5)Right After that Scene You are on the Floor I think,Doesnt matter all you gotta do now is A)FIRE to Block the attack 6)This is the scene where Borf is standing at your left ,and You gotta jump and Duck his Eletric Stick! A)UP to jump over his attack B)DOWN to duck under his attack 7)OK this is the Scene where Space Ace Back is facing you and Borf comes with his Stick Choping down at you.. A)RIGHT to dodge(looks like a Left to me.. Stupid Readysoft Again!) B)DOWN to jump on BORFS back(why would you want to? ) 8)Ok Now this is the Scene where your on Borf's Back and the little Goblins comes at you and you see a rope towards the left. A)LEFT to swing on rope(NOTE:dont do this at the begining of the scene wait until the scene changes showing you going for the rope.Then LEFT or else Tarzan will be very dissapointed!) 9)Ok this is the Scene with your swinging down to Rescue Kimberly(this girl caused so much trouble! Why is Ace doing this then? Wait Until You get to the Platform with the lava! A)RIGHT to Jump Over lava 10)Now This is Will be the last few scenes with Borf shooting his INFANTO RAY at you! A)RIGHT so you dont fall down B)LEFT to Dodge ray(NOTE:this is the scene with you running up and you see a Exit at the Middle LEFT,However dont Press left right away,Wait until your near the middle then Press Left!) C)RIGHT to dodge ray(this is the scene with the Mirror! Almost there!) 11) Ok right after you dodge his ray at the mirror scene,he will shoot again and this time its the last 2 moves of the game! You will see a mirror after he shoots,this is what you do A)LEFT to push mirror towards the Ray B)RIGHT to Dodge Ray (note:wait until you push the mirror into the ray's path,then press Right or else!) Well Done!! You have Turn BORF into a baby BORF