Sex Olympics Solve by Out to Lunch The goal in this graphic adventure is to score with more women than Dr. Dildo does before the time runs out in the Sex Olympics. Objects needed to accomplish various tasks are found at many locations on twelve planets and inside the ship Big Thruster. There are some objects that are placed in random locations from game to game and the maps of and paths to be taken for some of the planets vary from game to game, so a definitive solve for Sex Olympics is not possible. Instead of offering a linear solution, I will detail what can be done on each planet, and you will have to decide in what order you want to move from planet to planet. There are two sets of actions for each planet--scoring with a woman and preventing Dr. Dildo from scoring with a woman, so for each planet I will offer the means to both. The randomly placed objects are the thermo schlong warmer (T.S.W.), the weapon (C.D.G.), the Federation-issued Stun Gun, the Joe Smith I.D., the C-size battery, the 6 volt battery, the 9 volt batter, the pair of glasses, the key and the skeleton key. These objects may appear in any location on any planet or in the Big Thruster. The two keys are dropped by Dr. Dildo during his travels. Look for and take objects in every location. Look for keys in locations Dr. Dildo has visited (this can be checked by reading the galactic bulletins, using the radar and looking at the ship's log), which may require you to revisit some locations. You will have to refuel on earth occasionally by going there and using the tank. At many locations you can get clues by talking to Sandy. At many locations hints are given about the location of objects and successful strategies. For some variety, try Look, Touch, Kiss, Eat face, breasts, loins before and after sex with the females. I. Map of Planets from Interactive View Screen of Big Thruster Agua Whisper Primordial Floe Ramewe Hivernia Cleft Beach Arboria Earth Dildonia Mediol Unzip Ship's Log Interactive View Screen Radar Fuel Gauge II. Earth at Start of Game Take letter. Look letter. Take I.D. Take clothes. Use clothes. Use phone. Look picture. Go doorknob. Use tank. Go Big Thruster. III. Planets A. Hivernia Ayesha Ayesha--Go Hivernia. Unzip. Go doorway. | | Talk to any woman. Jack off. Go left door Inside Hive (or right--depending on hint--or just continue | | to alternate doors). Jack off. Go right door. Inside Hive Jack off. Go left door. Drop clothes. Take | | clothes. Screw Ayesha. Use clothes. Go Big Inside Hive Thruster. | Outside Big Thruster Dr. Dildo--After sex, Go doorway. Jack off. The hint for Hivernia is either When your head rises to a fever pitch, choose Left, NotLeft and Left or When your head rises to a fever pitch, choose Right, NotRight and Right. B. Floe Outside Igloo Inge--Go Floe. Unzip. Go | igloo. Drop clothes. Use T.S.W. Outside Big Thruster Screw Inge. Drop T.S.W. Take clothes. Use clothes. S. Go Big Thruster Dr. Dildo--After sex, Take T.S.W. C. Arboria (east only) Vegetation------------- Vegetation--------------Vegetation | | | | (south only) | | | --------------- | | | | Vegetation----------Outside Big Thruster----------Vegetation | | | | --------------------- | | | |(north only) | | | Vegetation---------------Vegetation ------------Vegetation (west only) Arboria has apple trees in each of the four corner locations. One of the four corners has three good apples, and the other three corners have three bad apples each. The good apples look solid red; the bad apples have a round blotch. Go Arboria. Unzip. W. N. Take 2 good or 1 bad apple. E. N. E. Take 2 good or 1 bad apple, if no bad apple taken so far. S. E. S. Take 2 good apples, if any. W. S. W. Take 2 good apples, if any. N. Go Big Thruster. D. Agua Water Sirena--Go Agua. Unzip. Go tree. Look | tree. Talk frog. Drop clothes. Go water. Tree Take lily. Give lily. S. Screw Sirena. | Take clothes. Use clothes. S. Go Big Outside Big Thruster Thruster. Dr. Dildo--After dropping clothes and entering water, take lily. S. Eat lily. Kiss frog. Kiss frog. E. Cleft (go north from each) Mamonga--Go Cleft. Unzip. ------ Go cave. (Find Mamonga either | | by hint or by trial and error. | | To find Mamonga, click around ----------------Cave--|---------- the left third of the dark | | | screen in each location, and, | | | if she is there, she and the | ---- | location will appear). | | | Trial and error method is-- | | | Go cave. E., Click, N., Click, Cave--------------Cave-------------Cave W, Click--until she is found. | | | Drop clothes. Take | --------- | clothes. Kiss Mamonga. | Outside Big Thruster | | Screw Mamonga. Use clothes. | | | | Follow map and go N. out of -----------------Cave------|------ cave. Go Big Thruster. | | --------- Dr. Dildo--Drop bear trap (go south from each) in cave. The hint for Cleft is When all is dark, go left young man (or some such other direction). F. Earth Lotta Luv Lotta Luv--Go Earth. Go | (east only) door. Use key. Go doorknob. Adjoining Room----- Use phone. Go Lotta Luv. Use | | skeleton key. Drop clothes. Hotel Room-------Outside Big Thruster Take clothes. Take blanket. Screw Lotta Luv. Use clothes. Go west doorknob. Use tank. Go Big Thruster. Dr. Dildo--in Adjoining Room before or after sex, Use key to relock door. G. Whisper Galactic Library Agnus--Go Whisper. Unzip. | Go door. Give Brad Stallion Outside Big Thruster I.D. Use glasses. Drop clothes. Take clothes. Kiss. Touch Agnus's face. Screw Agnus. Talk to Agnus. Look book. Use clothes. S. Go Big Thruster. Dr. Dildo--Before or after sex, do not take I.D. back. H. Ramewe Pasture 1--------Pasture 4-------Pasture 6 | | | Pasture 2--Outside Big Thruster--Pasture 7 | | | Pasture 3--------Pasture 5-------Pasture 8 From Pasture 1, N. to 8 and W. to 7. From Pasture 2, W. to 8. From Pasture 3, W. to 6 and S. to 4. From Pasture 4, N. to 3. From Pasture 5, S. to 6. From Pasture 6, N. to 5 and E. to 3. From Pasture 7, E., to 1. From Pasture 8, S. to 1 and E. to 2. Besides random objects, there is a Queen Sheep that must be found here. There is a hint that tells of the location of it--Ewe will find me in the South-West pasture (or some such location)--but it is desirable anyway to check every location, which can be done easily by Go Ramewe, Unzip, W., W., W., W., W., W., W., W., W., Go Big Thruster. At Queen Sheep--Drop clothes. Take clothes. Kiss sheep. Screw sheep. Take crown. Use clothes. It is necessary after screwing the sheep to go in the water at Agua before attempting to screw any subsequent female. I. Dildonia Outside Big Thruster Droxina--Go Dildonia. Unzip. | Talk pecker. S. N. S. N. S. N. |(south each way) Go guard. | (There are three ways to get past Lost in the plane of dykes the guard, depending on the hint |(south) which goes--When not so private dicks | abound...Be stunning! |(north) ...Removing clothes solves There are dykes everywhere everything! |(north) ...Remember Joe Smith!) | Either Use stun gun or |(south) Use gun (C.D.G.) or Still lost in the dykes Give Joe Smith I.D. |(south) Then, N. Go door. Talk Droxina. | Use skeleton key. Drop clothes. |(north) Take clothes. Take chastity belt. No!No!!not more dykes Screw Droxina. Use clothes. S. S. |(north) S. S. N. S. N. S. Go Big Thruster. | |(south) This planet is filled with far as the eye can see |(south) | |(north) Dildoville Entrance |(south) | | At Guard |(south) | |(north) Door/Droxina in Door |(south) | | Droxina J. Primordial Inside Hut Grizelda--Go Primordial. Unzip. | Go huts. Take trap. Use stun gun. Go Outside Stone Hut hut. Drop clothes. Take clothes. Eat | good apple. Kiss Grizelda. Screw Outside Big Thruster Grizelda. Talk Grizelda. Use clothes. S. S. Go Big Thruster. Dr. Dildo--Before sex, Drop bad apple inside hut. K. Beach (Pricilla) Pricilla--Go Beach. Unzip. |? (Walk in one of the four |----------Desert-----------| directions and then check | | | every location for objects) ? | | | ? Eg. W. N. E. S. N. --Desert---------Desert---------Desert-- (Use hint or trial and error). | (Outside Big Thruster) | Eg.--from center Desert, | | | W. W. N. N. E. E. S. S.-- | | | until Pricilla is found. ----------Desert----------- Talk to Pricilla. Give good |? apple. Use weapon (C.D.G.) Drop clothes. Take clothes. Screw Pricilla. Use clothes. S. Go Big Thruster. Dr. Dildo--After sex, Talk to Pricilla. When you go in any direction from Outside Big Thruster, you arrive in one of the four outer desert locations on this map, and the center location becomes a desert location. There is a secret location with Pricilla in her car that can be reached by only one of the four outer desert locations. The hint is Bitches and Beaches are found in the sand dunes retreat (or are found in the direction of the rising sun or are found in some such direction). What this means in the first case is at the southern desert location go south or at the eastern desert location go east and so on for the other two hints. When the wrong choice is made, you arrive at the center desert location. Instead of using the hint, you can use the trial and error method, which is simply to try each location for the secret exit. L. Mediol At Princess Crystal--Go Mediol. Unzip. | | Go door. Go Crystal. Use crown. Inside Castle |(after sex, Drop clothes. Take clothes. Kiss | |south only) Crystal. Screw Crystal. Use Outside Big Thruster clothes. S. Go Big Thruster. Dr. Dildo--After sex, Give chastity belt to Crystal.