Rod-Land CHEAT MODE: Pause the game and press the [Help] key five times. A tiny silver heart will now appear on the status panel. This gives you infinite lives and you can skip levels by pressing the [Spacebar]. GENERAL PLAY ------------ Scene 1: Spuds on the first two levels are relatively harmless. Be careful not to kill any until you've collected all flowers. E X T R A letters are far more valuable. Scene 2: To avoid having to kill the Spuds, you must practice dodging them. When you're chased by a Spud and there is no ladder nearby, build a ladder, climb two thirds of the way up, wait for the enemy to pass, and jump off to one side. Scene 3: Never mind the Corncobs. They are only good for bonus letters. But keep an eye on those Sharks. You geta brief warning before they blow a deadly bubble. When only one baddy is left, it will go into turbo mode. Scene 5: The only way to reach the top platform is by hitching a ride on one of the balloons. But wait until both Sharks have come down first. Remember your adversaries can climb onto ballons too. Scene 6: You may find yourself chased up a ladder, just as another baddy has started coming down it. Don't panic. Just build a short ladder alongside the long one, climb to the top, wait for the enemy to pass, and step over. Scene 7: Nessies will home in on you if you're on the same level. If you build a ladder and just climb up a single rung, Nessies will wander around aimlessly. Scene 8: Climb up the two platforms in the middle, build a ladder up to the top platform , but do not climb it. Jump down onto the little platform at the bottom and wait until all three Corncobs have climbed down. Now it's safe to climb to the top. Pick up the flowers here and walk to the left end of the platform. Build a ladder down. Lower yourself until you're hanging at the end of your ladder, next to the side platform. From this position you can safely zap the Corncob and sling him off the platform. Collect the flowers and repeat the procedure on the right hand side. Your opponents will now turn into red Kaburas. Here comes the tricky bit. How to land on the floor without losing a life; climb down onto the lowest platform, wait until all the Kaburas are facing away, walking from the centre. Jump down into the free area and shoot all baddies from behind. You should be able to collect five letters here. Scene 10: These multiplying Spuds are of a more dangerous variety. The more you kill, the more they will reproduce. To keep the population under control, do not pick up any of the bonus weapons. END OF LEVEL BOSS - CROCODILE: The safest place is to be is the ground level. Don't bother climbing up to the Crocs, they will climb down to you! And when they do, be prepared to give them a jolt with the old magic wand. Watch your back. a super fast twril and zap may be needed to survive the baby Crocs. The last two remaining Crocs will double their attack rate. Being caught in the middle of these two hyperactive reptiles is not to be recommended. Therefore it's a good idea to kill all Crocs on one side first, before you begin on the other side. Crocodiles take nine hits each. Scene 11: Your first encounter with the Polymorphs. These creatures have the silliest attack weapon seen in a long while...they stick out their tongues! Like the Nessies, they can only 'see' you while you're on the same level. As soon as you notice one preparing for attack, build a ladder and run up it, but do it quick. Bunnies are more or less harmless, but watch out when one finds a carrot and goes turbo. Scene 15: Insect attack! These Wasps are the only type of baddy that can fly. This makes them very tricky to dodge or capture. And of course, their sting is deadly. Hint; red Karubas have no wings... Scene 16: Keep an eye on those Square Blobs. When one is directly beneath you, he'll attempt an attack. Otherwise they're pretty dense. Scene 17: The first level with portals. When using one, be sure that the destination is clear, otherwise you may not survive your sub-dimensional jump. Scene 20: More Wasps. Don't bother with the bonus game, just get out of here quick. END OF LEVEL BOSS - WHALE: The eye is the only weak spot of this Whale. You may need to build ladders to some hits in. Baby Whales don't climb ladders, so you're almost safe when you climb up. If only you had a umbrella. The Whale takes 20 hits. Scene 21: Lobsters attack without much warning at close range. So when one is near, just assume it is going to pinch and climb a ladder quickly. Scene 22: As soon as one of these Starfish throws its boomerang at you, the only escape is up or down. If you're feeling brave, just stun a Starfish with your wand. This is one of the funniest animations in the game. Scene 28: Bells with spikes on are deadly. Keep their movement in mind when planning an escape route. END OF LEVEL BOSS - ELEPHANT: An elephant on a trapeze? Don't use the platforms, they're dangerous places. Try to stay alive until the Elephant comes down. First, he will come to a full stop in mid-air. This is your warning sign to get out of the way - or be sat upon. When the Elephant is on the ground, you get a few seconds to zap him. This beast takes 30 hits to kill. Scene 31: Before you use one of these portals look at the destination: thy're guarded by Spike Balls. This is not a safe means of travel. As before, kill the Spuds, but don't pick up their goodies. Scene 37: Climb across to the safe side of the pillar. You can still zap baddies from there. Scene 38: Remember that being above a Square Blob is not a safe place to be. And on this level, they're very active. If only you had wings.... Scene 39: Some Spuds will get stuck in the boxes on either side of the screen. This is a good opportunity to zap 'em through the wall. END OF GAME BOSS - BULL: Phase 1: When this bouncy character moves to the left, walk right and vice versa. Turn around just before he hits the ground. You should be able to get one shoot in, every time he touches the floor. This incarnation takes 15 hits. Phase 2: In this form, the Bull will dive as soon as he is directly above you. Stay on the left-hand side of the screen but away from the side. When the Bull comes down, walk to the left. While he moves along the ground, it's possible to zap him one or two times. Phase 3: Don't bother climbing ladders. Wait until the Bull materialises at ground level. this stage takes 15 zaps. Phase 4: This is simply a matter of ultrafast reflexes. You can walk in front of the Giant Bull, but be careful not to get stamped on. It takes 40 hits to free your mom and complete the game. WEIRD AND WONDERFUL WEAPONS --------------------------- Missile: Will travel along a horizontal line until it hits the edge or kills a baddie. It can only kill one baddie. Super: Bounces until it hits the edge or kills a baddie. Bomb: Sets off a large explosion which destroys anything nearby. Hyper: Creates two shockwaves that will kill all baddies on either side. Make sure these creatures are all within range for maximum bonus points. Hyper is only available on levels 4, 7, 26, 27, 34, 35, 36 and 39. Revel: Splits into four individual bouncy balls that wipe out your foes on contact. Only on levels 6, 11, 13, 18, 24, 28, 31, 33, 38, 39 and 40. Ice: Produces a spray of deadly ice crystals during levels 12, 20 and 39. Flame: When collected, this gives you a flame thrower for a limited amount of time. Have fun scorching those baddies on levels 12, 22, 32 and 37. Docs typed by /Vasty Boy/STRESS! End.