New Zealand Story, The CHEAT MODE: If you happen to own a copy of the original game then on the title screen type 'MOTHERFUCKENKIWIBASTARD'. With each key you press you will hear the sound of the laser gun being fired, and at the end you will hear the sound of the earthquake. Now start the game as normal and your lives will read 9+. You now have infinite lives and pressing the [Help] key advances you a level. However, if you own a copy from the Batman sales pack then the cheat was changed because it was too offensive! All you have to do is type in 'FLUFFYKIWIS' on the title screen instead. If neither of the above cheats work on your version of the game then I only know of one other method. Type 'TRY CHEATING'. TIPS: Near the end of level 1-1 there are three large steps that you must climb to reach your brother who is in a cage. Stand at the left edge of the top step, facing left and jump. But as you jump, fire. If your current weapon is arrows, fire halfway up, but if your weapon is bombs, fire at the top of your jump. A whirl-wind should appear after four hits, and it will take you to level 1-4. On level 1-2 shoot the baddies and collect the blue E on the floor to the right. Now hop back to the point you started at and stand on the last two blocks on the left side of the second floor. Shoot towards the left wall while doing tiny hops, and the warp will appear. This will bring you to level 1-2 where there are 2 Extend Life Pills. On level 1-3 from the starting position there are 12 ledges and a wall to the right. Go to the other side of the wall and fire to the left towards the second ledge from the bottom. Ship required. This will bring you to level 2-1 near the end of the round. In 1-4, you will be in a little box under some water. Go up and to the right, and you come out in a small room with three boxes on the right hand side. Go up these and you will see 4 long spaces, the top one having an N and a D in it. Go up to the top one, get the letters, stand in the centre of the space facing left, and fire. You guessed it, another whirl-wind. This'll take you to level 2-4. On level 2-1 above your Kiwi friend is a small tunnel which takes you to some stair-like ledges leading to a small cavern where there are two fruits. Fire at the fruit on the right. Ship needed to reach tunnel. This brings you to level 3-4. On level 2-2 find a balloon and float up to where the bears on balloons emerge. Stand to the right of the green left-pointing arrow and shoot the bears balloons away. Repeat this until the warp appears. This brings you to the end of level 2-2. On level 2-2 there is a ledge with a green arrow pointing right. Jump up into the water to be taken to 2-2 halfway along the level. On level 2-3 follow the first water you come to. At the end are two ledges with spikes below. Stand on one ledge and fire at the other. This takes you to level 2-3 takes you halfway through the level. On level 2-4 , stand at the entrance to the room where the giant octopus is located and fire to the right several times. A warp will appear that will take you to the beginning of level 3-1. On level 4-1 above the Extend Life Pills is a tunnel. Fire above the 2nd letter from the right. You must be on a duck ship for it to work. This brings you to level 4-2. On level 4-4 below the Kiwi to the left are some spikes. Stand on the left hand side of them and using small jumps fire to the right. This brings you to level 5-1. When you reach the Ice Whale, move to the right-hand side of the spikes, avoid the crystals, wait until he picks you up. Once inside the whale, you can start shooting, but avoid the ice drops. Meeting the Rock Monster without bombs makes him difficult to pass. So collect bombs, go to the highest platform and shoot him. Kill it by either dodging the bullets and hitting it when the doors open, or by fireballs. The last Boss you encounter is the Balloon Seal. He cant be killed by blows to the body so you must hit the balloon. Be careful for the Balloon Seal is armed with a cannon and shoots cannon balls at Tiki.