NEUROMANCER Part 1 In the Chatsubo bar, check the PAX service; read all the messages on the bulletin board and the Night City News. This will give you some basic ComLink codes and let you know where your deck is. It will also tell you someone has your cryptology skill chip and someone else will trade software for caviar. Withdraw all your money from the bank, and pay Ratz the money you owe him. Before leaving, send a message on the PAX to Armitage with your BAMA number. This will soon get you enough operating capital to get you through the early stages of the game. Once you leave the Chatsubo, head east (the top of the screen is north). You'll come to the Body Shop where you can sell a few parts of your anatomy if you get really broke, but judicious use of the Save/Restore functions of the game should make that unnecessary. Across the street from there is the Donut World where cops hang out. You're not a cop, so don't hang out there...yet. Further east is Larry Moe's Microsofts Store. It will be important later, but for now you can't get much out of Larry without a search warrant, a pickax, and laxative, so don't waste much time there. Instead, try the Massage Parlor on the corner. But you don't want sex -- you want information. And the young lady there must have heard some interesting pillow talk. The lady will tell you the link code and password for the Panther Moderns; the link code for Bank of Zurich -- Orbital; give you some advice about banking and whom to trust; and let you in on something Maas Biolabs is cooking up. Next to the Massage Parlor (just head to the bottom of the screen), is Shin's Pawnshop, where you can redeem your pawn ticket and get your UXB deck back. (You don't even have to pay for it! If you decline to pay, Shin will shove it into your hands!) This is a pretty lousy deck, so you'll want to replace it later, but for now it's all you can really afford. Across from Shin's is the Cheap Hotel, where you owe money and you'll have to settle your bill before you get back in. South of the Cheap Hotel is the Gentleman Loser, where a lady named Shiva is waiting to talk to you. Be nice, and ask her about CRYPTOLOGY. She'll give you a chip. Implant it in your skull and you can decode a few basic database passwords. Check back on the PAX, and by now Armitage will have transferred some cash into your BAMA account. Now is good time to start checking some databases, and you have a few uplink codes courtesy of Matt Shaw. First, however, buy the Hardware Repair from Shiva; the UXB is notoriously unreliable. The first database you should visit is the Regular Fellows. Their BBS will give you the valuable Level 2 passwords for the Cheap Hotel and Asano Computing, and will also tell you whom to contact regarding Japanese companies. You can download BattleChess 2.0 and Scout 1.0 from their data library. Next, link onto Cheap Hotel and use the Level 2 password; this will allow you to edit your bill and wipe out your balance due. Then you can order some caviar from room service and finally edit your bill to "pay" for the fish eggs, too. Next, sign up for a full membership at the World Chess Confederation. You'll be able to play a couple of games in the tournament with your BattleChess 2.0 before being outclassed, which will add slightly to your bankroll. You can also check into level 2 of Asano Computing (after you use your cryptology skill on the encoded password), which will give you some more link codes. At this point, you could also log into the Consumer Review (but don't -- it will cost you money), and the Psychologist (ditto). I wouldn't bother. You have to do some business on the street and must upgrade your software before you can go any further. Leave the Gentleman Loser and head north to the Cheap Hotel to pick up your caviar. Now head east on the street across the way. You'll pass one of Lonny Zone's working girls -- she really can't help you, so ignore her. East of Metro Holografix you'll see a cul-de-sac to the north. The doorway to the south is Crazy Edo's. Trade the caviar for the software and exit. Go all the way north to the House of Pong. If you are deferential to the head Monk, Nolan, he will give you a quest for the Holy Joystick, which you can later trade for skill chips. Return to the Cheap Hotel. Your UXB can't hold much software, so erase your lower levels of ComLink as you upgrade and get rid of BattleChess 2.0, too. Log onto the Panther Moderns' database and read the messages on the BBS. This will give you a lot of information! It will tell you how to get a paycheck without working; who to talk to about Cryptology, Coptalk, Evasion, and skill chips; who knows about the SENSE/NET; who has valuable uplink codes; where you should begin when you're ready for cyberspace; and where you can find EasyRider 1.0, an invaluable aid for crossing zones in cyberspace. Send a message to Modern Bob asking about the SEA and Hitachi Biotech codes, then read the messages again -- he answers immediately. Finally, stop by the software library and download ComLink 3.0. Next stop is the Microsofts store. Ask Larry Moe about Coptalk, and buy the chip. Implant it and you can now visit Donut World. When you walk in, operate your chip before talking to the cop. He'll give you the link code for the Chiba Tactical Police and the coded passwords for the SEA and Fuji. Your present Cryptology skill is inadequate to decode these right now, however. Your next job is to upgrade your skills and get some more money. You have to buy a cyberspace-capable deck, and that ain't cheap! Part 2 Before you leave the Cheap Hotel, check the PAX again. It should tell you that Shiva (at the Gentleman Loser) has a pass for the Matrix Restaurant for you. PAX should also give you codes for the IRS and Citizens for a Free Matrix (neither of which has anything you need or want). Go south from the hotel, into the Loser, and ask Shiva about the Pass. Then leave and head south again. On the east side of the street is the door to Julius Deane's establishment. Ask him about hardware and buy the gas mask (although you won't need it unti much later). Now, ask Julius about Skill. He has Bargaining (helpful but not necessary), Philosophy, Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis. The last three are needed for cyberspace, but wait till you have more money. Ask him about Cryptology, and he will offer to upgrade your skills. Upgrade to level 2, and then you can decode the passwords the cop in Donut World gave you. Finally, ask him about Fuji, Hosaka, Musabori, and Hitachi. He will give you passwords, but some of them are coded beyond your Cryptology skill level, so if you have the money, you can upgrade to level 3, but you can also wait for that until you have more cash on hand. Return to the Cheap Hotel. Log onto the SEA. There you can download ComLink 4.0 and Sequencer 1.0, and upgrade your Coptalk to level 2. Sequencer 1.0 will allow you to enter the ground floor of any database even if you don't have the password. Try it with Fuji Electric. Log onto FUJI, click on your inventory icon, and click on Sequencer 1.0. This will give you the level 1 password ROMCARDS. Log back on, and use the decoded second level password. Check the new personnel lists; you will find that Larry Moe has got himself a consulting job there. Write down his BAMA number for future reference. If you read the last memo, you'll learn that Tozoku has taken over Fuji by criminal means. Tozoku is a new name to you, so when you log off, go back to Julius Deane and ask him about Tozoku. He'll give you the link code. Go back to the Donut World and operate your Coptalk chip. If the cop calls you the same name as he did when you first met, go out and re-enter and try a different introductory phrase. You should now be able to ask him where the cowboys go for black market software and what the level 2 password is for the Chiba Tactical Police. Decode the password (I don't remember if Cryptology 2 can handle this, so if it can't, go back to Julius Deane and upgrade to Cryptology 3), then go back to the Cheap Hotel. Log onto the Chiba Tactical Police, use the Level 2 password, and choose Edit Warrants from the menu. Click on "edit" then click on a name. You'll be prompted for a new name; enter "LARRY MOE." Then enter his BAMA number. The cop did not give you the Gentleman Loser database link code, but you should be able to figure it out easily enough. Don't ignore the obvious! Use Sequencer 1.0 to get into Level 1, and check out the BBS. This will give you the uplink codes for the Eastern Seaboard Fission Authority and Bank Gemeinschaft. Log onto EASTSEABOD and use Sequencer 1.0 again. Check out the BBS. This will give you the Level 2 password for the Gentleman Loser, let you know where you can find a joystick, and warn you away from the Citizens for a Free Matrix. The software library will give you ComLink 5.0. Log back onto th Gentleman Loser database using the Level 2 password, and check out the Sorcerer BBS. It will warn you against a certain piece of software, and give you the coded Level 2 password for Bank Gemeinschaft. (You will definitely need Cryptology 3 to decode this one, so get upgraded if you haven't already done so.) Visit the software library. It has BlowTorch 1.0, Hammer 1.0, and Probe 3.0, none of which you need until you get to cyberspace, so don't download them until you get a better deck. Next, check out Tozoku Imports, using Sequencer 1.0 to get the level 1 password. In their library you will find ComLink 6.0, BlowTorch 1.0 and Decoder 1.0. Download ComLink 6.0 now. Next, log onto Hosaka Corporation, and use the Level 2 password you wrote down when you read it on the Panther Moderns' BBS. Check out the "New Employee Listings," and click on a name. You can edit it by using your own game name and BAMA number. Before you leave, be sure to upload a copy of ComLink 6.0 for them. They'll give you a bonus. Finally, log onto Bank of Zurich -- Orbital, use Sequencer, and open an account. Write down your new account number. Time to hit the bricks. Leave the hotel and go north to Larry Moe's. Seems that the proprietor is "helping the police with their inquiries," so you can waltz through the back door and into the Panther Moderns' meeting room. Lupus Yonderboy may be a funny looking dweeb, but don't call him that to his face. Ask for his help politely. Then ask about SENSE/NET. Buy the pass. Ask about SKILL. Buy the chip. Ask him about Cyberspace, AI, and Neuromancer. Finally, ask him about BANKGEMEIN. It seems he's been skimming from a certain account for years, and he will give you the number. Write it down, then leave and go back to the hotel. Log onto BANKGEMEIN, use the decoded Level 2 password, and choose Transfer Operations. Enter the account number Lupus gave you, then give them the destination: BOZOBANK and your account number there. Congratulations! You have committed grand larceny! (And this is small time stuff compared to what you'll pull later.) Log onto BOZOBANK, use Sequencer 1.0, and download 30,000 to your chip. It's time for one big shopping spree before you tackle cyberspace. Leave the Hotel and go visit Julius Deane. Buy the Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, and Phenomenology chips. Stop by Metro Holografix, and ask him about the Joystick. Buy it, then ask about Skill. He'll sell you Icebreaking and Debug. Ask about software and buy Drill 1.0 (the others you can download for free). Go to the House of Pong and trade the joystick for the Zen and Sophistry chips. Go back to the main street and save the game here! Then continue east. The lawbot will arrest you (this you can't avoid) but you should only get a 500 fine. Return to where you were arrested and enter the south door into the Matrix Restaurant. Listen to the conversation. It will tell you that "every AI ever built has an electronic shotgun wired to its forehead." Words to live by later on! Ask about Skill, and buy Logic, Software Analysis, and Musicianship. Install all your chips, then ask about Upgrades. You can upgrade Debug to level 4, and Zen, Evasion, Software Analysis, and Hardware Repair to level 2. Do so. When you leave, head west and north and visit Asano Computing. Use Bargaining if you have it, and ask Asano why Crazy Edo calls him a pig? If you really insult Edo in front of Asano, he'll lower his prices drastically. I suggest you buy the Ninja 4000 cyberdeck (don't buy the Ono-Sendai VII yet); it is cyberspace-ready and has 20 slots for software. Then return to the Cheap Hotel. Log onto Tozoku and download BlowTorch 1.0 and Decoder 1.0. Log onto the Gentleman Loser and download Hammer 1.0 and Probe 3.0. You are now ready to enter cyberspace! Part 3 Before you enter cyberspace, make sure you have a cyberspace-capable deck (like the Ninja 4000), loaded with ComLink 6.0, Drill 1.0, Hammer 1.0, Decoder 1.0, BlowTorch 1.0, Probe 3.0, and Sequencer 1.0. You also need the following skills: ICEbreaking, Psychoanalysis, Logic, Philosophy, Phenomenology, Sophistry, Zen 2, Evasion 2, Software Analysis 2, and Debug 4. Save just before you enter cyberspace. When you get out, always debug your software (a "-" before the program name indicates that it has crashed), and wait until your health is back to 2000 before you save again prior to returning to cyberspace. You will enter cyberspace in Zone 0 if you jack in from the Cheap Hotel using ComLink 6.0. The ICE protecting the databases there is pretty thin, and it can't do you much damage if you're smart and quick. The first database you should crack is the Panther Moderns. You can identify any database by entering it and using Probe 3.0. To make it easy, the Panther Moderns database is located at x=224 y=112 (look at the bottom of your screen for your location's coordinates). Click on the Skill icon and use ICEbreaking, then click on your inventory. You have four ICEbreaking programs; Drill 1.0 is the best of them, so choose that first. As soon as you lose a volley, move your selector back to the inventory icon and click on it _quickly_! This will allow you to "load" another ICEbreaker before the first one wears off. (You may even prefer to use keyboard commands here; check your manual and do whatever seems most comfortable.) After Drill 1.0, use Hammer 1.0, Blowtorch 1.0, and Decoder 1.0, then return to Drill 1.0, and keep using it until the ICE breaks. You will be able to raid the software library for Blowtorch 3.0, Decoder 2.0, and Thunderhead 1.0. The last one is a virus program. Viruses are one-shots which cannot be reused, so pick up a few. Then exit the database and cyberspace to debug, rest up, and save. A word about ICEbreakers. As you will learn, there are three levels of ICEbreaking software: Good (Hammer, Blowtorch, Decoder), Better (DoorStop, Drill) and Best (Concrete, DepthCharge, LogicBomb). Best is twice as good as Better, which is twice as good as Good, if you catch my drift. Put another way, Concrete 1.0 is roughly equal to Drill 2.0 and Hammer 4.0. But every time you use one against a particular patch of ICE, it becomes weaker as the ICE educates itself about it. If you use Blowtorch 3.0, then the next time you use it, it really becomes Blowtorch 2.0. Use it again, it's Blowtorch 1.0, and after that it's pretty useless. So start off with your best ICEbreaker, then use your second best, third best, and rotate among them. The rest of Zone 0 is pretty useless, but two of the databases have AIs whom you must defeat: World Chess and Psychologist. I would start with Psychologist (x=96 y=32). First, you must crack the ICE as above, but now you have better ICEbreakers, and several virus programs. After using your ICEbreaking skill, use Thunderhead 1.0, which will weaken the ICE (it will change color while the virus is operational) until it wears off. Then use Blowtorch 3.0, Drill 1.0, and Decoder 2.0. This should handle the ICE in short order. The AI (Chrome) appears. You fight an AI using Skills, and you have to be quick. First, use Psychoanalysis to identify the AI's weakness (if any). Chrome's weakness is Philosophy. So hit him with that first, then rotate among the other skills (e.g., (1) Philosophy, (2) Logic, (3) Philosophy, (4) Phenomenology, (5) Philosophy, etc.). You will be hit as you use your skills. You can't defend yourself, but you can use Zen to "heal," and -- in a worst- case scenario -- Evasion to bug out. It may take some practice, but you should be able to polish off Chrome. Nothing much to do here but read a few files, but you can download another Thunderhead 1.0 to replace the one you used. Then jack out to lick your wounds and save. If you check your skills, you'll see Phenomenology, Logic, Philosophy, and Sophistry have all gone up to level 2. Each time you defeat an AI, those four skills increase. Go back in and try your luck against Morphy, the AI at the World Chess database (x=160 y=80). Inside, you will find BattleChess 4.0, which will come in handy later. (There is a quicker way to boost your skills. If you avoid the AIs entirely for now, and work your way through the zones to Zone 3, you will find the Turing Registry. There you will find "tutorials" which will upgrade your Psychoanalysis to Level 4, and your Sophistry, Philosophy, Logic and Phenomenology to 5. By the time I reached Turing, though, I had already achieved those levels by polishing off four AIs. If you want to profit by this "insider" knowledge, feel free.) You enter Zone 1 through the cyberjack in the Gentleman Loser, right in front of the Loser database (x=416 y=64), so you might as well go after that first Inside you'll find Slow 1.0, a "corrupter" which will slow down the ICE's reaction to your attacks, as well as another virus. Other helpful goodies can be found at Copenhagen University (x=320 y=32) including Jammies 1.0 (corrupter) and DoorStop 1.0; Tozoku Imports (x=480 y=80) another virus and better ICEbreakers; I.R.S. (x=272 y=64); S.E.A (x=352 y=64); and Eastern Seaboard Fission Authority (x=384 y=32). Whichever you choose first, once you defeat it, your ICEbreaking skill will go up to 2. From now on, after you've cracked the ICE in a new zone, it will lift your ICEbreaking skill a notch. The AIs in Zone 1 can be found in N.A.S.A. (x=448 y=32) and Citizens for a Free Matrix (x=352 y=112). N.A.S.A. has Python 2.0 (Acid), BlowTorch 4.0, and Decoder 4.0. The only program you can download from C.F.M. is Blammo 1.0. You don't want it. It's a trap. Central Justice and the Chiba Tactical Police don't contain any software at all, and not much information. Corrupters should be used before viruses and ICEbreakers. The order of use should be Jammies first, followed by Slow, then a virus and your best ICEbreaker. Zone 2 can be entered through the cyberjacks found at Fuji, Hosaka, and Musabori. The only software to be found there is at Hosaka (x=144 y=160), which has Hammer 4.0, Concrete 1.0, Slow 2.0, Injector 2.0, and Mimic 2.0. The only AI in Zone 2 is at Musabori. This is Greystoke, and he is much too tough for you at the present time, so leave him be until later. Neither Fuji Electric nor Hitachi Biotech offers much help or information. To reach Zone 3, you must take a little trip. From the Cheap Hotel, head all the way south to the Spaceport on the western side of the street. From there you can fly to either Zion Cluster or Freeside. Buy a ticket for Zion. When you arrive, use your Musicianship to play Dub, and you will be put on board the good ship Marcus Garvey bound for Freeside. Ask Maelcum about banks. On Freeside, avoid the Villa Straylight, which is a deathtrap, and the Bank Gemeinschaft, which has security you can't circumvent. Instead, go to the Bank of Berne, and ask to open an account. While the teller is looking for the form, you can slip inside the empty manager's office and use the cyberjack there. The easiest database to handle in Zone 3 is the Free Sex Union (x=288 y=208) which also has an AI. After that, go for Screaming Fist (x=464 y=160), which has a lot of good software, including the indispensable EasyRider 1.0 which allows you free access to all zones. Screaming Fist also has ArmorAll 1.0, which you can use once to replenish your cyberdeck's shielding. (Later on, you will find ArmorAll 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0. If you have room in your deck, hold on to them. They'll give you a maximum of ten shield renewals.) Turing Registry (x=432 y=240) offers some skill upgrades and information, and D.A.R.P.O. (x=336 y=240) has some good software. Finally, Bank of Berne (x=336 y=160) has an AI you must face and finish off, too. Once you get to it, read the message board. It will give you an account number and a security code that you can use to loot the Bank of Berne to the tune of 500,000! Just remember to transfer it to your Bank of Zurich account. Not only that, the Bank of Berne has software, too: a truly full-service financial institution! With your newfound wealth, go over to Asano Computing and buy yourself an Ono-Sendai Cyberspace VII. You deserve it! And from here on, it gets tough! Part 4 Once you're back on earth, you can do your jacking in from almost anywhere, and I found the Cheap Hotel to be most centrally located. There are only two databases in Zone 4. Go after Gridpoint (x=160 y=320) first. Read the messages. The data library contains some very powerful software. The other database in Zone 4 is SENSE/NET. This will give you the number of the only available ROM construct, the legendary Dixie Flatline. After you finish with SENSE/NET, jack out and go all the way east to the High-Tech Area; SENSE/NET is the southern door. Give them your pass, and when asked for a code number, enter the one you were given in cyberspace. A ROM construct can be helpful trying to debug or analyze software while still in cyberspace, and can smell an AI. It also monitors ICE activity and your health level for you. Definitely worth the effort. Return to the Cheap Hotel and, using EasyRider, find your way to Zone 5. The ICE is less feisty at Bank of Zurich (x=336 y=368) and Bank Gemeinschaft (x=304 y=320), although the pickings are slim. Useful software can be found at Bell Europa (x=384 y=288), I.N.S.A. (x=448 y=320), and Nihilist (x=416 y=368). Zone 6 has only two databases -- both tough, and both with AIs. Try KGB (x=112 y=416) first, because it has a veritable gold mine of software, including the awesome DepthCharge 8.0! Then you can tackle Maas Biolabs (x=112 y=480). Once inside Maas Biolabs, you can access their security systems. This will allow you to unlock their physical front door and send the lawbot away. When you get back to the Cheap Hotel, you can put on your gas mask and waltz right in and nab their pet CyberEyes project. In essence, CyberEyes turns you into a deck with 32 slots for software. Zone 7 has three databases, all extremely important. Go after Phantom (x=320 y=464) first -- he has 2000 level ICE, and an AI, but once you get through the ICE, don't use your combat skills. Instead, play chess with him! Access your BattleChess 4.0 program. Phantom will thank you and invite you inside. There you will be able to download Hemlock 1.0, which is the "shotgun" program for Musabori's AI, Greystoke. You should also beat Wintermute, the AI for Tessier-Ashpool (x=384 y=416). Psychoanalysis won't reveal his weakness, but _I_ will: It's sophistry. There are only two obstacles left to face, and one is a piece of cake. Go back to Zone 2 and Musabori Industries (x=208 y=208). The ICE should give you no headaches and neither will Greystoke. When he appears, zap him immediately with Hemlock 1.0 and he'll melt like the witch in "The Wizard of Oz." Inside you'll find Kuang Eleven 1.0 in the data library. This is the "shotgun" program for Neuromancer himself. Time for the showdown. Rest up, debug, and get back to Zone 7 and Allard Technologies (x=432 y=464). When you crack the ICE, Neuromancer will appear and say "About time you showed up...." He will then whisk you away to a desert island and explain some of the game's mysteries. After that, he'll strand you there with nowhere to go, nothing to do but watch the surf as your life force slips away.... Hey, if I'm on a tropical island, why is my life force slipping away? Remember what was said earlier about some AI's being able to alter reality? You're not on some desert island -- you're still in cyberspace, bucko! Use your logic, phenomenology, and philosophy skills, and you will jolt Neuromancer enough that he'll return you to cyberspace for the final battle. Hit him with Kuang Eleven 1.0, and then with everything you've got. By now, your combat skills are all at level 10 or more, and if you are quick enough, you should be able to take him. Once you've blown him away, we have the obligatory uplifting ending. Congratulations! You've made the matrix safe once again! Part 5 DATABASE LINK LVL PASSWORD -------- ---- --- -------- Cheap Hotel CHEAPO 1 GUEST 2 COCKROACH Regular Fellows REGFELLOW 1 VISITOR World Chess WORLDCHESS 1 NOVICE 2 MEMBER Panther Moderns CHAOS 1 MAINLINE Asano Computing ASANOCOMP 1 CUSTOMER 2 PANCAKE (decoded=VENDORS) Consumer Review CONSUMEREV 1 REVIEW Psychologist PSYCHO 1 NEW MO 2 BABYLON Gentleman Loser LOSER 1 WILSON 2 LOSER Citizens for a Free FREEMATRIX 1 CFM Chiba Tactical Police KEISATSU 1 WARRANTS 2 SNORSKEE (decoded=SUPERTAC) Software Enforcement SOFTEN 1 SMEEGLDIPO (decoded=PERMAFROST) Tozoku Imports YAKUZA 1 YAK Fuji Electric FUJI 1 DUMBO (decoded=ROMCARDS) 2 ABURAKKOI (decoded=UCHIKATSU) Hosaka Corp. HOSAKACORP 1 VULCAN (decoded=BIOSOFT) 2 FUNGEKI Musabori Industries MUSABORIND 1 PLEIADES (decoded=SUBARU) Hitachi Biotech HITACHIBIO 1 GENESPLICE Eastern Seaboard EASTSEABOD 1 LONGISLAND Fission Authority Bank of Zurich -- BOZOBANK 1 no password Orbital (need to use Sequencer 1.0) Bank Gemeinschaft BANKGEMEIN 1 EINTRITT 2 EINHOVEN (decoded=VERBOTEN) I.R.S. IRS 1 TAXINFO Part 6 SKILLS: ------ Bargaining 1 from Julius Deane Coptalk 1 from Larry Moe 2 from S.E.A. 4 from S.E.A. in cyberspace Cryptology 1 from Shiva at Gentleman Loser 2-3 from Julius Deane 4 from I.N.S.A. Debug 1 from Metro Holografix 2-4 at Matrix Restaurant Evasion 1 from Lupus Yonderboy 2 at Matrix Restaurant Hardware Repair 1 from Shiva at Gentleman Loser ICEbreaking 1 from Metro Holografix Logic 1 at Matrix Restaurant 5 Turing Registry Musicianship 1 at Matrix Restaurant Phenomenology 1 from Julius Deane 5 Turing Registry Philosophy 1 from Julius Deane 5 Turing Registry Psychoanalysis 1 from Julius Deane 4 Turing Registry Software Analysis 1 at Matrix Restaurant 2 at Matrix Restaurant Sophistry 1 House of Pong 5 Turing Registry Zen 1 House of Pong 2 at Matrix Restaurant SOFTWARE: -------- ("*" indicates program available only in Cyberspace) COMMUNICATIONS Comlink 1.0 in your UXB Metro Holografix 2.0 Crazy Edo 3.0 Panther Moderns 4.0 S.E.A. Copenhagen University* 5.0 Eastern Seaboard Hosaka 6.0 Tozoku Imports Cyberspace 1.0* Panther Moderns Bell Europa ICEBREAKERS Blowtorch 1.0 Gentleman Loser Tozoku Imports Metro Holografix 3.0* Panther Moderns Tozoku Imports 4.0* N.A.S.A. Concrete 1.0* Hosaka 2.0* D.A.R.P.O. 5.0* K.G.B. Decoder 1.0 Tozoku Imports Bank Gemeinschaft Metro Holografix Copenhagen University* 2.0* Panther Moderns 4.0* N.A.S.A. DepthCharge 3.0* Screaming Fist 8.0* K.G.B. DoorStop 1.0* Copenhagen University 4.0* I.N.S.A. Drill 1.0 Metro Holografix Gentleman Loser* 2.0* Tozoku Imports 3.0* D.A.R.P.O. Hammer 1.0 Gentleman Loser 2.0* I.R.S. 4.0* Hosaka 5.0* Gridpoint 6.0* I.N.S.A LogicBomb 3.0* I.N.S.A. Nihilist 6.0* K.G.B. VIRUSES Acid 1.0* Tokozu Imports 3.0* Nihilist 5.0* Bell Europa Injector 1.0* Gentleman Loser 2.0* Hosaka 3.0* D.A.R.P.O. Gridpoint 5.0* I.N.S.A. K.G.B. Python 2.0* N.A.S.A. 3.0* Screaming Fist 5.0* Nihilist Thunderhead 1.0* Panther Moderns Psychologist 2.0* Eastern Seaboard Fission Authority S.E.A. 3.0* D.A.R.P.O. Gridpoint 4.0* Bell Europa CYBERSPACE CORRUPTERS Jammies 1.0* Copenhagen University I.R.S. 2.0* D.A.R.P.O. 3.0* Gridpoint 4.0* K.G.B. Slow 1.0* Gentleman Loser 2.0* Hosaka 3.0* Bank of Berne Screaming Fist 4.0* Nihilist 5.0* K.G.B. CHESS PROGRAMS BattleChess 2.0 Regular Fellows 4.0* World Chess K.G.B. 1.0* Screaming Fist SHOTGUN PROGRAMS Hemlock 1.0* Phantom Kuang Eleven 1.0* Musabori OTHER PROGRAMS ArmorAll 1.0* Bank of Berne Screaming Fist 2.0* Gridpoint 3.0* I.N.S.A. 4.0* K.G.B. Easy Rider 1.0* Screaming Fist Mimic 1.0* I.R.S. 2.0* Hosaka Probe 1.0 Metro Holografix 3.0 Gentleman Loser 4.0* Copenhagen University 10.0* Bank of Berne 15.0* K.G.B. Scout 1.0 Regular Fellows Sequencer 1.0 S.E.A. OTHER MATERIALS: UXB deck (yours) Shin's Pawn Other Cyberdecks Crazy Edo Asano Computing Decks w/Cyberspace Capability Asano Computing CyberEyes Maas Biolabs Gas Mask Julius Deane Caviar Cheap Hotel Room Service Holy Joystick Metro Holografix SENSE/NET Security Pass Lupus Yonderboy ROM Construct SENSE/NET Matrix Restaurant Pass Shiva at Gentleman Loser KEY NUMBERS: Your BAMA ID 056306118 Larry Moe's BAMA ID 062788138 Your BOZOBANK Account 712345450134 BANKGEMEIN Account 646328356481 Bank of Berne Security Code LYMA1211MARZ Bank of Berne Account 121519831200 Dixie Flatline ROM Construct 0467839