Kid Chaos CHEAT MODE:: There are two cheats available for this game. Both of them should be entered in as passwords. Once entered, a new option will appear on the main options menu. They are as follows: 'HARDASNAILS' - Access to all areas, toggle time, doors etc. 'ARCADEGAMES' - Access to all end of level arcade games. 'BMNEPGHITJJ' - (????? ????) WORLd 1 : LFEGOKOKQCK WORLd 2 : MDORQAPKHOL WORLd 3 : NRLQTAGASIM WORLd 4 : OPTSQARBLOD KID CHAOS HINTS by FISH/LSd Level Tips ~~~~~~~~~~ 3) Toy Factory. There are no break-through walls on this level, but there are plenty of hidden rooms - just walk through the walls to get in. Some rooms are hidden in the mine shafts. Beware of stompers, for which you may need a run up. Even if they're just off the screen, you can still hear them. When you're in the pipes, steer by holding the joystick in the direction you want to go. Most switches just call the lifts - when clicked these stay on for a short time, then go off. Other switches either stay on or off. These turn the fire and the stompers on, so sometimes it's best npot to touch them! The cars are really hard to finish off - a run up and a whizz is your best bet. When you get sucked into a pipe, you may have to jump very soon after you come out, so beware. There's a real nasty bit where you get shot out of a pipe, and if you don't slow down immediately you'll be sent through a one way door and you'll have to go all the way round again. On some hydro-platforms you must jump at the right time so you don't hit your head on the spikes in the roof. End Of Level Challenge. Each teddy bear has a number above it: This is the number of time you must shoot it before it disappears. The best way is to follow them from right to left along the bottom row, shooting them nine times. Count your shots, then you won't shoot too many and hit a duck on the top row. Each time a teddy makes it across a row it gains three lives. Be careful, and avoid shooting ducks at all costs. 4) Techno Fortress. Spaceships and invaders rain down shots, so it's best to get as high as possible before you jump on them. Be careful of robots with electricity which goes on and off. To get through moving laser walls you must run very slowly, but if you get hit there's probably time to make a run for it. On moving platforms where you have to jump from one to another, it's best to edge to the right hand side so you can get a better view. Watch out for them changing direction as well. On the second map - the race level - time is pretty tight. You must learn when to just so you don't fall back down, because if you do you won't make it to the end. On the bottom level where you have to jump hight up over the bits of electicity, you must take off on the steepest part of the up-slope to get enough speed for the next jump. There are two extra lives on this level, and it's possible to get absolutly everything as there are plenty of hidden extra time bonuses. Level 3 introduces teleports - these always take you to the same place, but make sure you know where. There are lots of hidden monitors to destroy, and you have to find them all to get out. End Of Level Challenge. Shoot the invaders down in rows like the arcade game, so they will take longer to travel from side to side, and take longer to come down the screen. There can be no more that three invader bullets on the screen at any one time - so just keep shooting. 5) Ruined City Flocks of birds dropping bombs are best attacked from the side or the top. Watch out for falling breeze-blocks and rolling stones. You can only hit the electric fish when they are not buzzing. Other hazards include falling guillotines and swinging axes. Timing here is crucial - by now you should be good at accelerating, jumping and stopping. You'll need an eagle eye for spikes, which are just above the surface of the grass. On the later maps, the destruction count is higher - 100%, in fact, on level 5.3, so you have to hit all the concrete posts. One large room on 5.2 has four rows of posts, and to get them all you must make four passes, collecting a row at a time. There are many 'appearing' platforms, so if you get stuck underground it's worth jumping around. Look for irregular brick patterns to give you a clue where they are. Also on the last level there is a underwater maze - don't go in there unless you have full health because the water decreases your energy. End Of Level Challenge. The spikes never come up in the same place twice in a row, so you're safe where they came up last. Keep well away from the birds - they're not worth shooting, and they just get in the way. If you get a shield, shoot the blocks on the edge and don't worry about the spikes: that way you can collect another shield before the first one runs out. If you get a Quinto Gun you can shoot two blocks at once. GOOD LUCK <><