GOBLINS Quick-Dox and Hints LEVEL CODES: 01: NO CODE 12: FTQITLA 02: VQVQFDE 13: DCPJOMD 03: ICIGCAA 14: EWDENNH 04: ECPQPCC 15: TCNGTOU 05: FTWKFEN 16: TCVQRPM 06: HQWFTFW 17: IQDNKQO 07: DWNDGBW 18: KKKNSRA 08: JCJCJHM 19: MEMEISG 09: ICVGCGT 20: MLEURTF 10: LQPBSJS 21: KEUDEUJ 11: HNWVEKZ 22: SOLEDVT You start the game with a scene outside a shack, and 3 goblins waiting impatiently to get started. First of all, the only 2 icons you need to worry about on the bottom of the screen (as far as I know) is the crystal ball with the goblin face in the middle, and the skull at the bottom-right corner (or whatever it is). Clicking on the crystal ball causes the face to change, by doing this or by just clicking on a goblin, you choose which one you want to control. The skull at the bottom-right corner lets you skip levels with the correct code, quit the game, or something else that I forget. The Goblins: Bald and : This guy can walk around and use magic on things. To white beard: move him, just click the right mouse button until the arrow is on the screen and click the arrow where you want to move. You cannot always move a goblin far distances by just clicking 20 feet away from him. Sometimes if the goblin is above a ladder you must click below the ladder first to make him climb down, then click across the screen. But I'm getting off the subject, you'll notice if you click the right mouse button again you see a fist. Now click the fist on something. What a magician. That's all this guy is good for, changing things with his magic. Goblin with : This guy walks around, picks up objects, and uses them. As you jester hat : start the game this guy has nothing, so he can't use anything. When he picks up a horn for example, he can blow it. To pick something up, click the right mouse button until you see the open hand, and click on the object. To use the object you pick up, click the fist on something. This goblin can only use one object at a time. Goblin with: This goblin walks around, and punches things. Just click the helmet : fist on something to punch it. Neither this guy nor the white bearded magician can pick things up. That's about all you need to know to get started. Sorry these docs took so long but I was waiting for some USA/FLT docs, since they did release it. Since I saw none I decided to try out this game. Oh yeah, here are some hints on the levels: Level 1: Punch the arches, pick up the horn that falls off them. (I'm not going to say who does what since that's obvious). Then blow the horn, use magic on the branch that falls to turn it into a pickaxe. i THINK this is all you need to do, when you see GO! youre all done, just click on GO! (I think you also need to cast magic on the horn again to put it back on the arches) Level 2: Use magic on every apple to make it big. Punch all apples EXCEPT the one on the far left (if you do you'll fall to your death, try it for fun if you want). Pick up an apple, and use it on the gap in the bridge (one of the apples is unusable because of the worm, just drop this one and get another one). Once you have used 2 apples in the gap, walk over the gap and use the pickaxe on the cave to get the diamond. Pick up the diamond and GO! (Remember you have to drop these items periodically to get other items, you can always get them back) Level 3: Back outside the shack. This is tough now. Use the diamond on the front door and GO! Level 4: Cast magic on the far left maneating plant. Climb up the plant with the punching goblin. Punch the book that is standing at the far end of the table. Pick up the pot1 (the other pot has a snake in it) and use it on the plant on the far right. (It will eat the fly) Pick up diamond again and climb up the book. Use the diamond on the big magician dude and GO! Level 5: Pick up mask if you want. Use magic on that cross standing on the coffin. You might have to also punch the cross or something. Wait for the evil monster to come out of the coffin and scare away the troll on the bottom of the screen. Then go pick up the mushroom he leaves behind and GO! Follow these steps to complete the final screen: 01> Magic the flat stone. 02> Catapult the rope. 03> Catapult the bad wizard. 04> Magic the bat. 05> Hit the turtle. 06> Take the bag. 07> Drop the bag onto the floor, directly below the spider. 08> Catapult the thread between the spider and Asgard. 09> Magic the spider. 10> Wait until the three spiders have fallen into the bag. 11> Take the bag. 12> Finally, use the bag beside the cooking pot.