DUNGEON MASTER -------------- To see someone interesting face the entrance and cast OH EW RA. To advance ninjas have them stand in a hall and throw weapons. Retrieve and repeat. Magic Users should cast spells in the air and fighters just slash at empty space. For a bit of nastiness, return to the entrance with the Firestaff, but leave the power gem behind. Halk isnt as bloody stupid as you think, give him magic objects and he will gain enough spell points to cast LO. Have him keep casting this and his magic powers will develop. POTION SPELLS: VI into a flask for a healing potion YA into a flask for a stamina potion VI BRO into a flask for a curing potion FUL BRO KU into a flask for an added strength potion YA BRO DAIN into a flask for an added wisdom potion YA BRO NETA into a flask for an added vitality potion OH BRO ROS into a flask for an added dexterity potion YA BRO into a flask for a magical shield potion ZO VEN into a flask for a venom potion ZO BRO RA into a flask for a pure manna potion LIGHT/DARK SPELLS: FUL for magical light OH IR RA for longer lasting light DES IR SAR for darkness PROTECTION SPELLS: FUL BRO NETA for a fire shield YA IR for a group shield FIREPOWER SPELLS: DES EW to weaken non-material beings OH VEN for a poison cloud FUL IR for a fireball OH KATH RA for a lightning bolt MISCELLANEOUS: ZO to open certain doors YA BRO ROS for magical footprints OH EW RA for magic vision ================================================================================= AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER CHAMPION LIST # NAME CLASSES EQUIPMENT STATISTICS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Iaido Apprentice Fighter Samurai Sword 43/55/40/35/45/50/48/65/11 Novice Priest Ghi, Trousers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2 Zed Novice Fighter & Priest Torch, Hosen 40/40/40/50/40/40/60/60/10 Novice Ninja & Wizard Pants, Mail ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 Elija Novice Fighter Robe, Sandals 42/40/42/36/53/40/60/58/22 Apprentice Priest Magic Box ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 Chani Novice Fighter Shirt, Sandals 37/47/57/37/47/37/47/67/20 Apprentice Wizard Moonstone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 Hawk Novice Fighter Leather Pants 45/35/38/55/35/35/70/85/10 Apprentice Priest Leather Jerkin Boots, 2 Arrows ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 Boris Novice Ninja Leather Pants 35/45/55/40/45/40/35/65/28 Apprentice Wizard Leather Boots Rabbits Foot ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7 Alex Apprentice Ninja Leather Pants 44/55/45/40/35/40/50/57/13 Novice Wizard Leather Jerkin Boots, Sling ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8 Nabi Apprentice Priest Staff, Tunic 41/36/45/45/55/55/55/65/15 Novice Wizard Pants, Sandals ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9 Linflas Apprentice Fighter Elven Boots 45/45/47/35/50/35/65/50/12 Novice Wizard Elven Doublet Elven Huke, Bow ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10 Gando Novice Wizard Leather Boots 39/45/47/33/48/43/39/63/26 Apprentice Ninja Leather Jerkin 2 Poison Darts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11 Syra Novice Priest Elven Doublet 38/35/43/45/42/40/53/72/15 Apprentice Wizard Tabard, Apple ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12 Halk Journeyman Fighter Berzerk Helm 55/43/30/46/38/48/90/75/00 Barbarian Hide Club, Sandals ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13 Daroou Apprentice Fighter 50/30/35/45/30/45/100/65/6 Neophyte Wizard ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14 Wu Tse Novice Ninja Silk Shirt 38/35/53/45/47/40/45/47/20 Apprentice Priest Tabard, Sandals 3 Throwing Stars ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 15 Tiggy Novice Ninja Kirtle, Gunna 30/45/50/35/59/40/25/45/36 Apprentice Wizard Sandals, Wand ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16 Leif Apprentice Fighter Leather Jerkin 46/40/39/50/45/45/75/70/7 Novice Priest Leather Pants Leather Boots ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 17 Azizi Novice Fighter Barbarian Hide 47/48/42/45/30/35/61/77/7 Apprentice Ninja Hide Shield Halter, Daggars ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 18 Stamm Journeyman Fighter Leather Pants 52/43/35/50/35/55/75/80/00 Suede Boots Tunic, Axe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 19 Mophus Journeyman Priest Sandals, Robe 42/35/40/48/40/45/55/55/19 Cheese, Bread Apple ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 20 Wuuf Apprentice Ninja Leather Jerkin 33/57/45/40/35/40/40/50/30 Novice Priest Empty Flask ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 21 Leyla Journeyman Ninja Leather Pants 40/53/45/47/45/35/48/60/3 Leather Boots Silk Shirt, Rope ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 22 Sonja Journeyman Fighter Gunna, Halter 54/45/39/49/40/40/65/70/2 Choker, Sword Sandals ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 23 Hissssa Apprentice Fighter 58/48/35/35/43/55/80/61/5 Novice Ninja ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 24 Gothmog Journeyman Wizard Cloak of Night 40/43/48/34/50/59/60/55/18 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NOTES: Statistics are in the following form - STRENGTH/DEXTERITY/WISDOM/VITALITY/ANTIMAGIC/ANTIFIRE/HEALTH/STAMINA/MANA Resurrecting a champion keeps stats. Reincarnating may lower or raise stats. AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER CREATURE/ITEM LIST AND HINTS -LEVEL ONE- (Hall Of Champions) FOOD WEAPONS KEYS MISCELLANEOUS CREATURES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Water Flask Torch Cheese Corn Apples (2) Bread (2) ============================================================================== No monsters are encountered on this level. You should choose your party members carefully. A well-balanced party may get you farther than four of the most powerful champions of the same type. Use this level to practice wielding weapons and casting spells. It will give you an idea of which champions you may wish to bring along on your adventure. If you have no idea who to take, try these four: Zed, Tiggy, Azizi, and Wuuf. Be sure to monitor your champions' stats, fatigue, and hunger on this level as well. Notice how much food and water it takes to restore stats, and bed down for a while to monitor stat regeneration. Food and water are plentiful in the early dungeon levels, but become very scarce as you go on. Conserve! Make a note on your map where you may have left food so that you can return there in a pinch. As you encounter monsters in the lower levels, be sure to have all of your party members participate in battles. Your champions experience levels raise in proportion to how much they accomplish or attempt. Plan team efforts before battling. Conserve torches. Use light spells when possible, and store your torches away for those times when MANA is important. Scrolls themselves have no use, other than to provide guidance and instructions. You may wish to use the scrolls as path markers. On this level, fill your water flask(s) and find/store all food. If one of your champions dies, be sure to pick up their bones and equipment if possible. Learn which champion can cast which spells. Eventually, you will notice which spells/potions kill each type of monster easily. Learn which weapons work best with which champions. AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER CREATURE/ITEM LIST AND HINTS -LEVEL TWO- FOOD WEAPONS KEYS MISCELLANEOUS CREATURES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Apples (5) Daggers (2) Gold (6) Boots (2) Screamers Drumstick Arrow Emerald Torch (6) Mummies Cheese (2) Sword Topaz Pants (2) Corn Stars (3) Iron Shirt Falchon (2) Solid Flask (4) Magic Box Key Of B Water Flask Buckler Copper Coin Chests (2) ============================================================================== Screamers make for a good meal. Mummies are dangerous, and you must hit and move in order to kill them this early on (keep in mind where you saw an altar). A couple of things to note on battles....closed gates can be an asset, and what is dangerous to your party is also dangerous to monsters. Recover any thrown weapons after a battle. If some are missing, a monster may have picked it up. Find and kill it. Do not be stopped by closed/locked doors. Where there is a will, there is a way. Sound is as important as sight, so turn up the volume! On this level you will encounter two seemingly impenetrable barriers: a door and a force field. They have alot to do with each other, and one of them can be violated. CAST YOUR INFLUENCE - This is a two-part obstacle. You must use two distinct aspects of your champions abilities in the correct order; the first is a spell. General Notes: Save the game position to disk regularly, especially before dangerous moves and after a tough portion of the game. If your champion has not enough MANA to chant a spell in total, chant as many syllables as possible and then sleep. When you awaken you can chant the remainder of the spell. You may pre-chant a spell for each champion and keep them at the ready in case you run into some surprising situations. You should also know by now that objects/weapons to be used must be placed in right hand. Best use of chests is to store one type of item together in each chest (food in one, clothing and armor in another, etc). AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER CREATURE/ITEM LIST AND HINTS -LEVEL THREE- FOOD WEAPONS KEYS MISCELLANEOUS CREATURES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bread (2) Chain Mail RA Key Water Flask Screamers Drumstick (3) Arrow Pants Blue Meanies Cheese (3) Helmet Torch (2) Rock Creatures Sword Flask (2) Boots Compass Chest (2) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MATRIX ROOM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bread Sword Gold Robe Cheese ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHAMBER OF THE GUARDIANS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Apple Chest Drumstick (2) Gold Shirt ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CREATURE CAVERN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cheese Gold ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ROOM OF THE GEM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cheese (2) Sling Gold Blue Gem Apple (2) Rabbit Foot Drumstick (2) Bread ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE VAULT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bread Helmet Gold Pants Silver Coin Chest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Apple Gold Shirt Drumstick ============================================================================== VAULT - Don't horde -all- the money you find. Key word in the phrase is 'cast'. Remember other means of opening doors besides keys, buttons, switches, or pads. Some things cannot simply be taken, but must instead be 'exchanged'. TIME - Hit and run 4 left, 2 forward. Recall one aspect of CAST YOUR INFLUENCE. Trap door works just like other encountered, except the trigger might not be where you expect it to be. GUARDIANS - Following the chest is one way of acquiring it. Think about what you do with a mirror and don't leave the immediate area without using it. MATRIX - Remember, walls are important to notice. Use object you found upon entering this dungeon level or you may become a bit disoriented. GEM - Pits are the pits, so lose some of your less important objects. Again, watch the walls. GENERAL NOTES: It is often helpful to find a small room closeby when you need to sleep; simply close the door and your party will be sufficiently safe. Many times you will move so quickly that you will pass right by wall switches which open doors and secret panels. Remember that running and closing a gate may be the ticket to killing monster parties. Doors and gates closing on a being will cause much damage. AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER CREATURE/ITEM LIST AND HINTS -LEVEL FOUR- FOOD WEAPONS KEYS MISCELLANEOUS CREATURES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Drumstick (2) Rapier Gold Water Flask Rock Monsters Cheese Horn Of Fear Flask (3) Screamers Chain Mail Shirt Bees Axe Pants Worms Bow Gold Coin Ghosts Helmet Hosen ============================================================================== A second staircase is around somewhere which leads back to previous level. There is a room here which contains Screamers. Open door, kill Screamers, get food. Close door, re-open door and Screamers are there again. Nice food supply. Purple Worms are just as dangerous to you as that first mummy you encountered in level two. Circle and hit them. Move, hit, move. Be sure to examine aqueducts. Don't take shortcut the first time. Come back to it later. If you find the 'prisoner' you will be near staircase leading down a level. Heed the writing or you will have more work to do. As long as prisoner is imprisoned, so are you. Bow raises Ninja level very slowly. Best use it later when you find slayer arrows. Lock Picks are worthless. AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER CREATURE/ITEM LIST AND HINTS -LEVEL FIVE- FOOD WEAPONS KEYS MISCELLANEOUS CREATURES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Torch Screamers Bees Green Octopus Skeletons Flying Snakes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BLUE TRANSPORTER ROOM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Poison Dart (3) Mirror Of Dawn VEN Potion Gold Coin Helmet Blue Gem ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BUTTON ROOM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dagger Gem Of Ages Leg Mail Ekkhard Cross Mace Blue Gem Hosen Gold Coin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NEVER ENDING ROOM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Corn Staff Illumulit Helmet Choker ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PIT ROOM (and lower) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Drumstick (3) VEN Potion (2) Chest DAIN Potion Blue Gem KU Potion Large Shield ============================================================================== TRANSPORTER - R-R-180-L-180-R BUTTON - Push 5 of them. Mark them to keep track. NEVER END - Button. Go back and look for room. PIT - Secret rooms, magic walls. AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER CREATURE/ITEM LIST AND HINTS -LEVEL SIX- FOOD WEAPONS KEYS MISCELLANEOUS CREATURES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Drumstick (2) Vorpal Blade Solid Wizard Eyes Magic Box Iron Skeletons Helmet Bees Yew Staff Flying Snakes Large Shield ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ KING FILIUS' ROOM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mail Akelton Iron ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FLOOR PANEL ROOM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Magic Box Iron ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ KING MIDAS ROOM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Iron ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I DON'T LIKE TO BE IGNORED ROOM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Drumstick VI Potion Iron Torch ROS Potion Magic Box ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AFTER DOUBLE DOORS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Corn Arrows (2) Mirth Akelton Drumstick Stars (2) Mirth Pants Crossbow Torch Magic Box (2) Vorpal Blade ============================================================================== RIDDLES - All have something to do with your inventory of objects. Think. OTHER HINTS: Transport a heavy object. Throw dagger or shoot arrow; if it returns try again, if not then turn corner....Surprise! Magic box - Wall ring. AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER CREATURE/ITEM LIST AND HINTS -LEVEL SEVEN- (RA Level - Tomb Of Firestaff) FOOD WEAPONS KEYS MISCELLANEOUS CREATURES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FireStaff RA Key Water Flask Rock Monster Carbomite Turquoise Flask (4) FUL Bomb Winged Key Torch VEN Bomb Lock Picks INQUISITOR Magnifier ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ROOM #1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Scepter Of Lyf Gem Of Ages Illumulit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ROOM #2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DragonSpit SpeedBoots ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ROOM #3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FreezeLife Crown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ROOM #4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bolt Blade Flaimbain Mail ============================================================================== Keys are important on this level. Needed are 1 Master Key, 1 Ruby Key, and 4 RA Keys. RA Keys are found on levels 3, 7, 9, and 12 AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER CREATURE/ITEM LIST AND HINTS -LEVEL EIGHT- (The Arena) FOOD WEAPONS KEYS MISCELLANEOUS CREATURES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Apple Yew Staff Solid Chest (2) Ghosts Cheese FUL Bomb (5) Ring Of Time Theives Potions (2) Rabbit Foot Skeletons Staff Of Manar Torch Mummies Mace Of Order Jewel Symar Star Copper Coin Magic Box Delta ============================================================================== On long hallway, take 26 steps, turn around, and wait until door opens. Chasing Theives will most times lead you to nastier monsters. AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER CREATURE/ITEM LIST AND HINTS -LEVEL NINE- FOOD WEAPONS KEYS MISCELLANEOUS CREATURES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cheese (2) Storm Ring RA Key MAG Armadillos Apple Robe Torch (3) ============================================================================ AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER CREATURE/ITEM LIST AND HINTS -LEVEL TEN- (The Snake Level) FOOD WEAPONS KEYS MISCELLANEOUS CREATURES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Corn (2) SpeedBow Skeleton Water Flask Scorpians Cheese (2) HardCleave Key Of B Chest Skeletons Bread (4) FUL Bomb Torch Wizard Eyes Drumstick Armor Moonstone Amulet Theives Magnifier ============================================================================== AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER CREATURE/ITEM LIST AND HINTS -LEVEL ELEVEN- (Clockwise Level) FOOD WEAPONS KEYS MISCELLANEOUS CREATURES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Drumstick Mace Iron Chest (2) Bees Sabre Cross (2) Copper Coin (4) Theives Staff Skeleton Water Creatures Armor Of Lyte Blue Creatures Mornigstar Mace Fury Diamond Sword VEN Potion FUL Bomb Magic Defense FootPlate ============================================================================== Portions of this level are not mappable. Beware poison traps. POISON ROOM: Get sword, stay till cloud clears, kick trap, move back. CLOCKWISE ROOM: Start at writings, move counterclockwise. AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER CREATURE/ITEM LIST AND HINTS -LEVEL TWELVE- (Knight Level) FOOD WEAPONS KEYS MISCELLANEOUS CREATURES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Corn (3) Health Potion Topaz Water Flask Knights Apple (4) VEN Potion Emerald Speed Boots Octopus Bread FUL Bomb Master Spiders Cheese Armor Of Darc RA Key Crystal Ball Drumstick Arrow Skeleton Helmet of Lyte ============================================================================== One of the Knights has a key you need. Spells do not affect him. Some spiders proliferate more than others. A distinct monster boundary is in place. Use it to your advantage. AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER CREATURE/ITEM LIST AND HINTS -LEVEL THIRTEEN- (Black Lord Level) FOOD WEAPONS KEYS MISCELLANEOUS CREATURES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NONE Flamit Hellion Necklace Black Lord (Wizard) Tar Pits Gargoyles ============================================================================== Have a fire extinguisher at the ready. AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER CREATURE/ITEM LIST AND HINTS -LEVEL FOURTEEN- (DRAGON LEVEL) FOOD WEAPONS KEYS MISCELLANEOUS CREATURES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NONE Eye Of Time Plain Crown Dragon Power Gem Various Gems Crown Silver Coins Gold Coins ============================================================================== To Kill Dragon: Lead him back to stairway you came down and attack him. When you see fireball coming, go up stairs. Power gem in locked room: rebirthing chamber, so save coins...only way in. To get power gem to merge with firestaff: Use the Zokathra spell Dungeon Master Spell List Compiled By Michael Stetter Note: The power symbols are required for all spells. Power effects the strength and duration of the spell. All potions require a empty flask. Power 1=LO, 2=UM, 3=ON, 4=EE, 5=PAL, 6=MON Elemental 1=YA, 2=VI, 3=OH, 4=FUL, 5=DES, 6=ZO Form 1=VEN, 2=EW, 3=KATH, 4=IR, 5=BRO, 6=GOR Class 1=KU, 2=ROS, 3=DAIN, 4=NETA, 5=RA, 6=SAR Power Elemental Form Class Caster Effect ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1-6 1 P MON Potion (Stamina) 1-6 2 P VI Potion (Healing) 1-6 4 W Light 1-6 6 W Open Button Doors 1-6 1 4 P Spell Shield 1-6 1 5 P YA Potion (Protection) 1-6 2 5 P BRO Potion (Cures Poison) 1-6 3 1 P Poison Potion 1-6 4 4 W Fireball 1-6 5 1 W Poison Cloud 1-6 5 2 W Weaken Non-Material Beings 1-6 1 5 2 P Magic Footprints 1-6 1 5 3 P DANE Potion (Wisdom) 1-6 1 5 4 P NETA Potion (Vitality) 1-6 3 2 5 P Look Through Solid Objects 1-6 3 3 5 W Lightning Bolt 1-6 3 3 6 P Monster Confusion 1-6 3 4 5 W Light 1-6 3 5 2 P ROS Potion (Dexterity) 1-6 4 5 1 P KU Potion (Strength) 1-6 4 5 4 P Fire Shield 1-6 5 4 6 W Darkness 1-6 6 3 5 W ZOKATHRA Spell 1-6 6 5 5 P EE Potion (Mana) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- CONDENSED MAD MANS RAMBLINGS In Dungeon Master there are a few secrets..If you want to play without cheating stop right here..DO NOT READ ANY FARTHER FIRST LEVEL: CAST YOUR INFLUNCE..You throw a 1/6 spell to open the door, then you throw an object thru the door. LOCKED DOOR..BLUE SHIELD YOU SEE A CHEST: Find the door and strike it down with your sword SECOND LEVEL: After going downstairs face the left wall go 6 or 7 spaces and you will find a switch opens secret panel. Where you will find a compass to use with the Matrix room. Vault room: remove coin and replace with something else door will now stay open Time is of the Essense: push button and move very quickly to get through fist passage way..push button turn around and throw something through the blue field the pit will then close..push button and walk backwards Chamber of the Guardians: push the button next to the chest until the chest appears outside..In chest use the mirror of dawn to open secret passage next to blue eye Fourth Level: Transporter Room: The way through to get to the room is a you land you turn RIGHT..RIGHT..180..LEFT..180..RIGHT Buttom Room: you push the button as they show up until you have pushed 5 of them you may have to push them more than once..mark them as you push them so that you can keep track Neverending Room: Find the button on the wall push it..then go back to where you came in the big room.turn left and follow the wall to get to the next room Pit Room: In the room to the left there are many secret room starting to left by walking thru the wall while facing the arm and wood shackles...there are 3 secret rooms in all after entering On level 3 there is another staircase that leads back to level 2 there is a room that has a closed gate in that room you will find screamers that when you leave the room the door will close and they will be reborn therefore a endless food supply Fifth Level: Riddle room: I am all- I am none: mirror of dawn An arch but no back: bow Hard as a rock..Blue as the sky..Twinkle in a woman eye: blue gem A golden head but no body: gold coin Midas room: you place a coin in the hole in the wall Room with locked gate and no way to open it: Place a heavy object where the Transporter appears and turn it on After going through the locked door you will come across a room that is locked and in it you will find a magical box as you leave you will see a ring on the wall push it..you will open a secret passageway Strength Hall: shoot the green arrow or throw a dagger if it comes back try again if not go around a corner and a gate will be open Seventh Level: The easist way to shut off the Fireballs is to drop down into the pits and then drop into the next one and bring yourself back to the surface and walk foward in front of you will be the shut off for the deflector and the fireballs Eigheth Level When is a rock not a rock: when it is nothing step to the left one step and walk thru the wall as you get through the wall mark it so that you can find your way back Also on that level there is a area in the hallway that spins you 180 degrees so you end up going back where you came from. Use magical footprints or throw things down the hallway when they come back you are there mark that area and when you get there turn 180 as you get there What is at your feet is overhead: you step on switches and fireball hit you The easiest way is to put something on the switches as you get out of the way of the fireballs..with something on the switches they will only fire once and you can pass right threw..there are 6 floor switch 3 on both sides What is lighter than air.. The corbomite you found earlier Beware of my twisted fate: The room is set up like a snake you have to go thru in a winding fashion Vooommm: 2 places to go Clockwise room: go counterclockwise to get to all the different area of the room you must start at the sign that says clockwise and move to a different section by going counter clockwise Poison Room: get the sword and stay where you are until the cloud clears when the cloud clears step foward and kick off another trap and move back to the clear area until out the door To get the power gem to merge with the firestaff you must use the Zokthra spell..a little advice have everything you want in the dragon area before you do this for afterwords there is no way out Next to the power gem in the locked room is a rebirthing chamber so save those coins it's the only way in What kills the Creatures: As you get stronger in your wizard skills yopu will be able to make stronger version of the same spell as the creatures show up they each take a stronger version of the same potion and it may take more than one to kill it mummies........Weapons at first when you wizard skills are stronger Fireballs Screamers......Weapons..Poison clouds..Fireballs Blue meanies...with/Clubs..Fireballs..Weapons Rock creature..Poison clouds Bees...........Fireballs Worms..........Fireballs(level 4)..Posion cloud Ghosts.........Vorpal blade..Yew staffs..staff of Manar..non material being spell Green octopus..Fireballs Flying snakes..Fireballs Skeltons.......Fireballs Wizard eyes....Fireballs Rock Men.......Catch them in a door and then use your weapons Theives....... Fireballs..when you chase after them beware they will always lead you to a larger enemy Rats...........Fireballs Armadillos.....Fireballs Trolls.........Fireballs Scorpions......Fireballs (lots of them) Knights........Doors and Fighting skills Flaoting Oct...Vorpal blade..non material spell Spiders........Fireballs Tarpits........Fireballs Gargoyles......Fireballs Wizard.........Firestaff after being merged with power gem AMIGA DUNGEON MASTER SPECIAL STUFF AND POWER CHARTS MAGICAL AND SPECIAL ITEMS ------------------------- AMULETS ------- Amulet of Duga - Causes magical earthquakes Ekkhard Cross - P for wizards Pendant Feral - Increases agility and wisdom (originally Wuuf's) Spirit Eye - Protection from magic Hellion - Combines magic, physik, and energy interchangeably into any form. RINGS ----- Stormring - Propels lightning bolts Eye Of Time - Stops time for all but those specifidexterity Powertower - Leg braces which increase strength Flamit - Gauntlet which casts flames Speedboots - Enhances speed of the wearer ARMOR ----- Armor Of Darc - Possibly the strongest armor in these worlds Armor Of Lyte - Better and lighter than plate mail Dexhelm - Increases wearer weapons WEAPONS ---------- Bolt Blade - Lightning sword Delta Sword - Thrusting weapon Diamond Edge - Great against armor Hardcleave - Finest battle-axe (capable of berserk attacks) The Inquisitor - One of the finest weapons in the world (adds MANA too) Vorpal Blades - For ethereal beings (possibly only usable by magic users) Nerra - Provides special abilities OTHER ITEMS ----------- Horn Of Fear - Blowing it might instill fear in enemy. Magnifier - Provides light/fire Mirror Of Dawn - Good against the ethereal beings, and for some magic walls STAFFS AND WANDS ---------------------- The Conduit - Creates storms and gives wielder ability to see thru walls Yew Staff - A twin staff of Manar (?) ORDER OF STRENGTH AND POWER --------------------------- DAGGER CLOTHING METAL HELMET LEATHER BOOTS HIDE SHIELD CLUB BUCKLER SMALL MACE PLATE MAIL BASINET FOOTPLATE SMALL SHIELD SWORD LARGE SHIELD RAPIER SAMURAI SWORD SABRE MORINGSTAR