DISPOSABLE HERO - CHEAT + HINTS `N` TIPS ---------------------------------------- CHEAT MODE: To activate the cheat mode follow these simple steps: 1. Go to the Options menu and select Arcade mode, turn the sound effects down to zero and then exit. 2. Now select Hi-Scores. 3. Hold down the right mouse button and type 'EUPHORIA', now exit with the left mouse button. 4. Now return to the Options menu and you will see a new Option called Configurations. From the Configuration menu you can change the number of lives you start the game with or turn the collision detection on/off and even choose the level you wish to start on. HINTS & TIPS: You may well be finding life difficult in Gremlin`s latest shoot `em-up epic, as it is pretty tough. Hopefully, these few pointers will give more than enough advice to enable you to make real significant progress. The first thing you should do is play the game on easy mode a few times just to get the hang of things. You may not get the personal satisfaction of completeing the game in tougher mode, but it will allow you to become accustomed to the alien attack patterns which will be of great assistance later on. Shopping spree -------------- You should also make full use of the shop, or Factory Warping Zones as some people like to call them, to top up your energy and, if possible, clear any aliens from the area. On level one it is possible to trick the gun turrets. This can be done by posistioning yourself above or below the turret and then moving to the left and right. If you get this procedure right the turret will just move from side to side without firing at you. On level two the best tactic is to stay in the middle of the screen. This will greatly enhance your chances as, on this particular level, enemies come at you thick and fast from both directions. The best weapons system is available on level four. To get it, follow this method. Use the second ship and the Cat iii Engine. You should also acquire the Quake V7 Sonic Disrupter, the Impuls V10 and three Hellweavers. You will now be more than better equiped for the rigorous task that awaits you. Stage six requires care. A different configuration is need for the best results. Use these and you should have no real problems. Use the first ship and equip it with a BKL-H Mark 1 cannon, a Gyrotrack cannon and two TW10BA Razor Missiles. On the fifth level there is a dead end which contains an extra life. To get out of the dead end you will need to find a cleverly concealed hidden path. This is well worth trying as extra lives are always welcome.