CONQUEROR TIPS Typed by AMAZON. Edited by PARASITE. German tanks have a worse hill climbing ability than both American and Russian tanks. This point determines strategies for both divisions - if you're playing as the Germans a good tactic is to wait at the top of hills and rush down at the enemy when they approach, whereas if you take control of the allies, then it's a good idea to escape by heading up the steepest hill, so as to slow down any tanks that are in pursuit. The program actually works out the angle of incidence of any shot, and uses the data to calculate the most effective use of armour. Therefore an oblique shot on a tank will have more armour to penetrate than a 'square on' blast. So if you are under attack, try to make sure that the enemy have to fire angled shots, but if you are attacking, then try to get a good, straight (that is 90 degrees) shot to do the most damage. Front armour is the best defence on all tanks, so always try to face the enemy straight on so as to present the toughest face. For this reason, you should also try to attack enemy tanks' flank or rear where they are less protected. One of the most sensible tactics to use (the computer player employs this) is to form the heavy tanks into groups and leave the light tanks to reconnoitre. This means that the lighter, faster tanks can act as your 'eyes', giving advance warning of enemy manoevres - they can also run away quickly! The tactic they use when under the auto-driver, is to run away from anything they can't shoot, reporting the sightings to your force. You can then move the heavy boys in tackle the situation. When using map firing, always remember that any shells fired will take about 30 seconds to hit the ground, so try to judge where the enemy tanks will be when the missiles strike and aim your guns there. Be warned, however, that computer-controlled tanks don't look for map fire, so keep clear of the area until all the shells have landed. Don't go for a whole bunch of heavy guns, instead try to build a balanced tank-force. Light tanks are useful for reconnaissance and also as an emergancy reserve, whereas heavy tanks are good for straight head-to-head battles. Medium tanks combine the advantages of both light and heavy vehicles, but lack the speed and firepower of the others. Don't forget to use your drone tanks! Direct one to hold an enemy tank's attention while driving your tank to their rear from where you can unleash a powerful attack. Watch out when doing this though, as the computer tank has two objectives - to both defend itself and attack any player tanks. Thus it will turn it's strongest armour towards the most powerful gun and take out the lightest enemy tanks. THE TANKS Different tanks are useful for different things, and experienced players will be able to utilise the individual strenghts of each. Here are some notes on the strenghts of some different tanks: CHAFFEE - very fast and cheap. M36 GMC - Also very fast and has a good gun, but does suffer from fairly weak armour. SHERMAN FIREFLY - Good gun, medium speed capacity and quite adequate armour. PERSHING - Has the same gun as the M36 with medium speed, but does have the advantage of good armour. PANZER III - Very cheap, but not particularly good at any one thing. PANTHER - Excellent front armour, a good gun and average mobility, but the side and rear armour are both on the weak side. TIGER 1 - Excellent all-round armour and good gun. KING TIGER - Best armour and gun of any tank, but travels slowly. T34/76 - Good all-round armour (as with the other Russian tanks), good gun but has average speed. KV1S - Better armour than the T34/76, but has the same gun. KV85 - Is blessed with a better gun than the KV1S has. JSII - Excellent armour and gun and has good mobility. The end.