CABAL Type SCHLIKA during play. The border will flash and now F2 finishes the level. If you pause the game you will discover that you can still aim the cross- hair. Now you can position the crosshair over the motionless bodies, then unpause the game and let `em have it. * Shoot as many of the buildings as you can, as they block your shots at attacking / hiding enemies. * Shoot the enemies at the bottom of the screen as the bullets they fire needless time to get to you and can often trap you in a corner. * Don't forget that you can shoot the enemies' bullets! * Try to pick up the bonuses straight away. The 100, 200 and 300 point bonuses are very useful if you want extra lives. * Collect special weapons straight away as their rapid fire removes buildings faster, giving more breathing space. * The grey uniformed soldiers (the ones that take a few shots to kill) can give a grenade or a special weapon. When he does, two men carrying a stretcher will appear. Shoot these and they will give you two grenades, collect them and then shoot them again before they go, to receive two more grenades. * Never stay in corners for too long, the enemy has a habit of zeroing in on you. * Don't waste grenades on buildings unless you really need to. If you opt to shoot in small bursts at every building rather than concentrating on one building at a time then a grenade may finish the job a lot quicker. * Try not to get killed when the end-level guardians appear otherwise your FOE meter will drop to zero and you'll have to start again.