Brutal Football PASSWORDS: LCRRTLO1X BV12C4R2K Z701VWR1! 9TLGKRX0F R3PF463QN HV3!LZRQ5 7KNBD1555 55H!DM000 QBCLFRWWW FCV62H444 ICTY5NJJY GCV022333 VJT8!PKKK !B256D999 SW16PX999 4WYFVR2!8 86JY70HHH F3C5Z5DDD DD7073!74 CHEAT MODE: To select the league you want to play in, press [L] followed by a number from [1] to [3], with 1 being the highest. Now press [M] followed by a number from [1] to [6], which will select the match you want to play. Therefore if you press [L] [1], [M] [6] this will whisk you to the last match of the top league. You can now also press any of the following keys during play: [L] - Lightening. [I] - Invincibility. [G] - Walking ball. [R] - Sheild. [S] - Hare. [D] - Tortoise. [F] - Freeze blocks.