Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh CHEAT MODE: I know of many different ways (all conflicting) to activate these cheat modes so I'll just list them all, try'em and see for yourself. Hold down the left mouse button while the game is loading and after a short time an advertisement for the game Robocop should appear. Now with your finger still on the mouse button type in 'ROBOCOPPETER'. This should activate continue mode after you die. If this fails to work then type it in on the title screen instead. On the high score screen (do not need a high score) type 'DEBBIE S'. This will supposedly give you infinite lives. It could also be that you have to type it in with no spaces, e.g. 'DEBBIES'. When you die, wait until the title screen re-appears and then press the [Caps Lock]. Now type in 'MAGENTA'. This allegedly allows you to press [S] during play to open the exit and skip to the next level. Also follow the above procedure but type in 'DALEY88' instead. This should either give you infinite lives or it will activate the continue mode when you die. I have also been told that you should type in 'DALEY-88' instead of the above (confused?). And finaly, on the title screen, type 'PETERJOHNSONWANTSCHEAT'. This should enable the [S] key during the game to skip levels. If none of the above cheats work then try entering them during play, you may have to pause the game first. If you still have no success then try standing on one leg when singing the national anthem with a cheese sandwich in your left hand?