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Breaking News: Hobohunt Pulled By Creators

After much controversy over the Hobohunt app and the working nature of the program, Synventus has decided to pull the app. Here is the first statement by Synventus CEO Joel Usher.

Synventus, creator of controversial Android application HoboHunt, has decided to pull the app from the market, despite its initial success.  The decision was made after correspondence with several homeless advocacy groups and a prominent Professor of Social Work, who all gave specific arguments and examples that HoboHunt could result in intangible, negative impacts on society.  Says CEO Joel Usher “it really never occurred to me that HoboHunt would be seen as anything but goofy, or that it would have an actual negative contribution to society.  And since our intention was not destructive, we don’t feel we can stand by what could be a destructive product.”

However, Usher pointed out an unexpected upside to the international conversation sparked by the controversy.  “It seems that HoboHunt has reminded people of a huge problem facing society, and forced them to examine and express their own position regarding the issue.  Hopefully these people, so concerned with the plight of the less fortunate, will be moved to actually take some action to help others.”

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