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An Emuparadise.org Exclusive

WarCraft 3, Blizzard Entertainment's latest real-time strategy game. If you've ever played their games you know they do three things very well: gameplay, graphics, and music. So in the spirit of Blizzard gaming we bring you the officially released WarCraft 3 OST. And if you like the music, buy the game. You won't regret it. =)

WarCraft 3 - OST
Bitrate: 192kbps

Name: Size:
01 - Arcane Echoes.mp3 7,391Kb
02 - Arrival at Kalimdor.mp3 6,016Kb
03 - Awakening.mp3 6,754Kb
04 - Blackrock & Roll.mp3 6,428Kb
05 - Blight.mp3 7,322Kb
06 - Bloodlust.mp3 7,507Kb
07 - Carrion Waves.mp3 7,019Kb
08 - Cinematic Suite.mp3 21,295Kb
09 - Doomhammer's Legacy.mp3 7,550Kb
10 - Frostmourne.mp3 6,959Kb
11 - Lordaeron Fall.mp3 5,735Kb
12 - Reign of Chaos.mp3 1,634Kb
13 - Rise of the Ancients.mp3 6,266Kb
14 - Temporary Alliances.mp3 6,335Kb
15 - The Calm.mp3 1,729Kb

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