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Soundtracks » High Quality FLAC Soundtracks » Rockman1-6


Format: High Quality FLAC

Track Name:Link:Size:
01 Boss mix medleyDownload46M
02 Cutman mixDownload23M
03 Metalman mixDownload23M
04 Dr.Wily 1 (Rockman2) mixDownload23M
05 Shadowman mixDownload24M
06 Get a Weapon (Rockman3) mixDownload24M
07 Dr.Cossack 2 mixDownload23M
08 Dr.Wily (Rockman5) mixDownload25M
09 Yamatoman mixDownload27M
10 Tomahawkman mixDownload27M
11 Title mix medleyDownload44M
12 Cutman (Original, Short Ver.)Download4.4M
13 Metalman (Original, Short Ver.)Download4.0M
14 Dr.Wily 1 (Original, Short Ver.)Download8.2M
15 Shadowman (Original, Short Ver.)Download5.7M
16 Get a Weapon (Original, Short Ver.)Download2.7M
17 Dr.Cossack 2 (Original, Short Ver.)Download6.4M
18 Dr.Wily (Original, Short Ver.)Download7.3M
19 Yamatoman (Original, Short Ver.)Download5.1M
20 Tomahawkman (Original, Short Ver.)Download5.7M

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