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Sega Genesis Emulators:

Gens | KGEN98 | Genecyst

Name: Gens
Description: The BEST Genesis emulator out there. If you want to emulate the genesis this is the only emulator you will ever need. It's got all the features you need, and it's got the best compatibility. But that's not what really matters. What matters is that it plays ALL Genesis games at FULL speed (60fps). Get this one NOW!
Version: 2.11
Download: Binary

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Name: KGEN 98
Description: The oldest Genesis emulator that I've used. In fact, this was the first genesis emulator that I ever used and it's pretty good :). The only drawback in it(for most people) is that it's DOS based, so if you don't like DOS, don't try this one...
Version: 0.04b
Download: Binary

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Name: Genecyst
Description: A really good genesis emulator, but this one is also dos based. It has a huge load of features, but the somehow, the music doesn't sound really good on my PC. Must be because of my highly crappy sound card ;)
Version: Not Specified
Download: Binary

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