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List of all Sega Dreamcast ISOs
[Sorted by User Rating]

Listing titles from 1 to 32
Game Name:Average Rating
Shenmue (PAL)4.9824
Samba De Amigo4.9307
Grandia II4.9259
Jet Set Radio (PAL)4.9227
Gigawing 24.8833
Project Justice Rival Schools 2 (PAL)4.7913
Skies of Arcadia4.7889
Ikaruga (J)4.7800
Shenmue 2 (PAL)4.7649
Resident Evil Code Veronica (PAL) (UK)4.7521
Sonic Shuffle4.7241
Sonic Adventure4.7160
Record of Lodoss War4.6977
Jet Grind Radio4.6882
Power Stone 24.6846
Sonic Adventure 2 (J)4.6762
Soul Calibur4.6724
Head Hunter (PAL)4.6574
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis4.6147
Resident Evil CODE Veronica4.6125
Virtua Striker 24.6122
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike4.5960
Capcom vs. SNK 2 - Millionaire Fighting 2001 (J)4.5949
San Francisco Rush 20494.5939
Sonic Adventure 24.5921
Marvel Vs. Capcom 24.5875
Dead or Alive 24.5622
Resident Evil 24.5576
Mortal Kombat Gold4.5354
Crazy Taxi (PAL)4.4820

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